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Diet and exercise products have been around for ages, claiming to reduce body fat or tone muscles while you sit around and do nothing. Primarily, these products don’t deliver what they are promising. The Flex Belt is an entry into this product category, and the results are mixed.

The Flex Belt is a muscle-stimulating belt that uses electrical stimulation to make muscles contract and relax. One of the critical aspects of the belt is that it cleared the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Medical Device Directive requirements. That isn’t a guarantee that the product works as advertised, but it’s a guarantee the belt is safe to use as a medical device.

The Flex Belt

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The Features of the Flex Belt

  • The belt fits under most clothes and can be worn just about any time, and anywhere. Whether you are wearing it around the house or out and about while running errands, it can do its thing without much thought. It can even be worn to work or while traveling to provide your core muscles a workout while you otherwise couldn’t.
  • The Flex Belt is simple to use. After just a few minutes of reading the instructions and getting the batteries ready to go, then you can have the belt on and fully functional. It doesn’t take any special technical know-how or specialized knowledge to wear it properly and go.
  • The Flex Belt has 10 built-in training programs and can be adjusted to 150 intensity levels. The belt is built so that anyone at any level of core strength can use it to achieve a workout for their muscles.
  • Eliminates the neck strain that conventional stomach exercises can cause. Doing situps and crunches puts the strain on the neck as you hold your head steady during the motions. Even if you don’t put your hands behind your head, the neck still has to manage the up and down weight of lifting your head with every move. While it’s definitely a good idea to strengthen your neck as well, crunches and situps are not an optimal way to do that. Wearing the Flex Belt eliminates the neck stress from the equation of strengthening your abs.
  • The Flex Belt has been shown to have a lasting effect on everyone that used it during a study that was conducted over six weeks with the product. The way the electrical stimulation affects the muscles clearly makes them firmer and provided most users (nearly three out of four) with more endurance with the muscles.
  • Having stronger core muscles has the added benefit of improving overall posture. The core muscles have a large impact on balance and stability while we move, stand or sit. Strengthening and firming those muscle groups has an immediate effect on how well we stand, and corrects posture in a natural way.
  • The Flex Belt has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you discover the Flex Belt isn’t doing what you want it to, then you can return it for a full refund within 60 days. Many products of this nature refuse to take back their product after it’s sold, so this gives you the opportunity to try it out and see if it works for you

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The Reality of It

Ab Workout Belt

While all of the above is true, note that I didn’t mention this product will give you a visible six-pack on your stomach. That’s because the product does not burn enough calories or fat to make them visible. That’s just a simple fact. This product is not designed to assist with weight loss.

If you purchase the Flex Belt thinking you will suddenly have a flatter stomach and visible muscle definition without altering anything else, then you’ll be disappointed by this device. The Flex Belt will activate the muscles of your abdomen, making your core stronger as if you’ve been doing crunches, providing health benefits as mentioned above.

However, the only way to make your abs visible is by proper diet and whole-body exercise. Abs become visible when the body has a low percentage of body fat. The best ways to reduce body fat are to eat healthily, avoid sugar, and remain active throughout the day. Hitting the gym frequently is another key aspect of that regimen if you want your body to burn fat.

Flex Belt Gel Pads Replacement

Another frustrating part of this product is the pads that press against the body to deliver the electrical stimulation don’t last very long. They only last for about 30 sessions and then have to be replaced. With the Flex Belt already costing an upfront amount of nearly $200, the fact that you’ll constantly be replacing the pads every month or two adds to that cost. This is not a cheap way to get firmer abs, even though it does work.

The Rundown

The Flex Belt is an exciting product that will provide some benefits and does exercise your core muscles without the wearer having to exert any effort. It has cleared the FDA requirements to be a recognized medical device. It does have a 60-day money-back guarantee, along with other pluses.

This isn’t for you if you’re looking for a weight loss product. It won’t make your abs suddenly visible without the proper diet and fat-burning necessary for the muscles to shine through. It will cost more over time as You must replace the gel pads. It’s not a miracle device, but it does provide exercise where you may not be getting any otherwise.

All in all, as long as you understand this product’s reality, it’s worth giving it a try. If nothing else, it can be returned for your money after a trial run, so there’s not much to lose if this is something you’d be willing to try out. The best advice, though is to use this as an addition to a workout plan, as it takes more than just a Flex Belt to provide total body fitness.

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