Best Traction Basketball Shoes – for Men & Women’s

Basketball shoes play a significant role in your overall performance besides your skills. This makes basketball shoes a basic kit as you head to the basketball court. How comfortable you are as you jump, run, cut, or move is dependent on the shoe as it is on your skill.

Basketball has gained popularity since the ’90s and has been in most schools and colleges, especially in western countries. The market offers many basketball shoes making it difficult to choose the best high-quality shoe that features your needs.

After extensive research, for your convenience, we have come up with the best traction basketball shoes, both for men and women. Also, at the end of this article, we have listed some of the significant aspects to consider while shopping for traction basketball shoes.

8 Best Traction Basketball Shoes – Comparisons

Picture Product Name Different Sizes Different Colors Price
adidas Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes, Black/Black White, (6.5 M US) Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy 32  10 Check Latest Price
adidas D Lillard 2 Men's Basketball Shoe (8.5 D(M) US, Black/Scarlet/Black) Adidas Men’s D Lillard 2 22 17 Check Latest Price
Nike Lebron Soldier Ix Sz 11.5 Mens Basketball Shoes Red New In Box Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX 1 1 Check Latest Price
Nike Men's Air Force 1 High '07 LV8 Black 806403-006 (Size: 12) NIKE Men’s Air Force 1’07 LV8 16 13 Check Latest Price
StepNGrip Brand Basketball Traction Board, White, Paper, for Wood Surfaces, Includes 30 Sticky Sheets Step N Grip Courtside Shoe Accessories Accessories Check Latest Price
Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid Basketball Shoe Black/White-Black Size 10 Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 3 2 Check Latest Price
Under Armour Boys 11 10 Check Latest Price
Court Grabbers On-Court Traction System Stops Slipping on Indoor Courts Restores High Performance Traction Without Using Your Hands Great for Basketball, Volleyball, Pickleball and More Court Grabbers “On-Court” Accessories Accessories Check Latest Price

For Women

Nike Women's Hyperdunk 2017 TB Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Silver/White Size 9 M US Nike Women’s Hyper dunk 2017 TB 28 10 Check Latest Price
Adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas 5 2 Check Latest Price

Best Traction Basketball Shoes -Reviews

Below are The top traction basketball shoes that we recommend for males & females in two parts-

Best Basketball Shoes for Men – Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

The fact that this shoe provides a full-length lift to your jump due to the energy-returning boost makes them distinctive. Thus, the energy you put in determines the strength you get back. This makes the shoes cushioning exemplary. The lift compresses the heel area due to holes in the rubber cage.

The crazy Explosive shoe has a traction pattern that resembles a maze with thick lines. The dense and wide grooves are spacious enough to offer traction even with dust particles on the outsole. As the player cuts, the outsole capes around the midsole for stability and traction.

To minimize breakage, the shoe lacing system is updated. To be specific, the lacing system is anatomical. It serves to reduce the pressure that results from laces. Also, it offers an excellent lockdown for your foot. The upper is xenon. The shoes inner lining material is made of textile that enhances comfort. The silhouette is stylish.


  • The shoe`s style, design, and fit are perfect. No need to add inches to your size.
  • Offer excellent traction and is lightweight.
  • The cut is a high top, not mid-ankle, thus ensuring safety.
  • The durability of both the shoe and its traction is assured.
  • It features a roomy toe box that suits people with wide feet.


  • Loose eyelets. Tightening the laces cause the apertures to bend, making them lose with time. Avoid tight laces and avoid loose openings.
  • The outsole rubber wears fast. Avoid using shoes on outside courts.

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2. Adidas Men’s D Lillard 2 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men`s Lillard shoe stands out since it considers mobility and immobility through its four flex zones. It offers comfort through its soft sock liner. Also, this shoe keeps your feet comfortable since its upper has a pattern while the sides have mesh for breathability.

The shoe features cell technology that promotes both stability and cushioning. The insole is Eva which is shock-absorbing, while the outsole is rubber for traction.

Furthermore, the shoe mimics the barefoot motion for flex, speed, and traction. It also allows speed during movement since it is lightweight. The shoe ascertains comfort through a padded collar. Its chassis is supportive.

The shoe has a stylish design at the back and the laces.


  • The primary material making the shoe is synthetic leather.
  • This shoe is an exact fit. Thus, we recommend giving of actual size during purchase. If you must, only add half an inch.
  • The shoe is fit for outdoor activity since the outsole comprises of rubber.
  • The insole is removable for easy washing.
  • The back of the shoe is platted with chromium alloy, making it appear stylish.


  • They are Compact, just as regular basketball shoes. With time as you get accustomed to them, they will feel lighter.
  • Their traction is minimal while on wooden floors. Basketball is played on the courts, though, right?

3. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe

This shoe material is synthetic. It is lightweight, and its upper is modified to enhance comfort by close-fittingly locking the foot down. Also, the inner sleeve completely shawls the foot, providing extra support through breathability.

It embeds with an innovative adjustable strap system that entirely locks down the foot from the front- back, and sideways. For more excellent multi-direction traction, the outsole features a hexagonal pattern.

The shoe features explosive response through its zoom air cushioning. That is, plush lunar Lon cushioning that ensures a soft, squishy ride. Also, it features advancement through its pylon midsole. It regulates pronation through a wedge carrier foam.

Its design and construction are flawless. The back of the shoe has `wings’ that promote stability.


  • Exact fit reduces inconveniences associated with the procedure for returning bought goods.
  • Lightweight
  • Features a hexagonal pattern on the outsole that offers excellent traction.
  • Stylish design
  • The upper part of the shoe made of synthetic offers support.


  • The shoes are not waterproof; thus, if it rains, your feet will get wet. To avoid such cases, carry an extra pair of shoes to put on after playing.
  • The shoe lacks zippers. They alternatively have two laces and Velcro straps.

4. NIKE Men’s Air Force 1 High ’07 LV8 Basketball Shoe

Named similar to the aircraft that conveys the U.S. president, Air Force One, since 1982, Nike Mens Airforce has been outrivaling. The shoe holds a record of being the pioneer basketball shoe which made it the game-changer for legendary players such as Charles Barkley and Moses Malone.

It has a massive midsole that is full-length. Also, it has soft, springy Nike Air cushioning, which is comfortable, lightweight, and durable. The AF1 silhouette varies; it can be low, mid, or high. The shoe enhances support through a leather upper for durability and perfect fit.

For secure lockdown, it has an ankle strap. Nike Mens Air Force has a premium and durable feel due to its suede construction. It allows for breathability through perforations.

The shoe’s outsole is made of non-marking rubber, including a pivot point for durability and traction. Its material is synthetic and mesh.


  • Durable construction
  • This shoe suits casual dressing too. The shoes are stylish, making them fit for use off the court.
  • The shoe’s cushioning is lightweight, just like the original
  • It is durable, making it suitable for those who often ruin shoes.


  • The shoe provides little ankle support due to the low tops. However, one can add further support if need be.
  • The front of the shoe may be too small for some. It expands after regular wearing and happens rarely.

5. Step N Grip Courtside Shoe Grip Traction Board

As the name suggests, Step N Grip offers unbeatable traction for basketball and volleyball. The shoes guarantee no more slipping while on the court since it removes moisture and dust from your shoes. All you have to do is just step on the shoe scuff while on the sidelines.

Shoe scuff is the course surface or pad where players scour their shoes. Using the company`s patented shoe scuff ensures you enhance the grip of your shoes so that you can showcase your skills. This works by removing old rubber, thus coining excellent traction. The shoe has a traction system that removes dirt, oil, and dust from shoes, further enhancing adhesion.

One enjoys the ability to customize the shoes by inserting their preferred logo. The shoe has non-slip rubber at the bottom made through hot molding. The Step, N Grip shoe protects adhesive sheets from having a raised edge at the top.

The shoe comes with sticky sheets that are removable when dirty. Also, the shoe’s replaceable sheets are of unbeatable quality.


  • At the top, the cutout allows hanging storage.
  • Versatility since the shoe is suitable for hardwood surfaces.
  • The shoe is sturdy and easily portable.
  • Its traction sheets are effortless to replace.
  • Offers paramount traction by getting moisture and dirt off players’ shoes.
  • It comes with sticky pads in 60 sheets.


  • The only disadvantage is in packaging, where the boxes can be smaller. It is, however, a temporary issue.

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6. Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoe

Nike Men`s AJ1 carries on the `85 AJ1 style. It is made of leather, which can be genuine, synthetic, or even textile. The frame, too, is of leather. On the upper side, the shoe has a logo of Jordan Wings.

The sole air unit adds style, cushioning, protection, and comfort.

The shoe`s design is such that the forefoot has perforations that boost breathability. The closure is laced-up.

Traction is by an outsole made of rubber. This outsole features a custom pattern precisely designed for basketball. The cup sole is made of rubber. The shoe flexibility is due to deep flex.


  • The exact fit ensures you get exactly what you ordered.
  • They have a perfect fit that makes their height standard neither too high nor too low.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Made of high-quality material


  • They may run narrow for some. Consider ordering half an inch higher for those with slightly wide feet.
  • Thin inner soles. If the internal feet feel too small, one can easily replace them.

7. Under Armour Boys’ Boys’ Grade School Jet 2017

Unlike the shoes we have discussed, this shoe’s uniqueness lies in the anti-odor technology, which is smeared on the footbed to avert the growth of odor-causing microbes. Further distinctiveness is displayed by the shoe focusing on speed. Speed dictates whether or not you get to the next level.

The shoe`s top is mid-cut to offer ankle support. The shoe has a perfect fit. Thus, for those whose measurement isn’t exact and who would like a tight fit, we recommend that individuals choose the smaller size, while those who want a loose fit pick the more massive fit.

The outsole is made of rubber. Moreover, its traction pattern is herringbone; thus, the shoe’s traction is incomparable. It also boosts control while at the court.


  • Its midsole is of Eva, which is shock-absorbing and comfortable.
  • The shoe`s upper material can be of textile or leather that locks down your foot comfortably.
  • Boosts speed, thus adding to the performance.
  • The shoe outsole is of rubber that offers excellent traction.


  • The shoe fails to offer breathability but remains comfortable due to its anti-odor properties.
  • Not as responsive as other shoes; however, it boosts speed.

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8. Court Grabbers “On-Court” Traction System

The Court Grabbers traction system is exclusive in that it offers traction without making adjustments. It is also suitable for most courts, whether wooden, title, plastic, composite, or wood. You will have a Base strip, which you will lace on the shoes and let them stay there. Then, before going to the field, on each traction pad, apply traction gel and slide the residence to the base strip to lock it to place.

So, during the match, you have to slide your shoe’s bottom against the other shoe’s traction pad when you need traction. It promptly cleans the sole, thus refreshing its adhesion. Effortless, as we stated earlier.

The court Grabbers kit comprises;

  • Two Clear base strips, which get affixed to your shoe using laces.
  • Two Traction pads slide and lock the Base strips, thus offering a cleaning surface that, in turn, reinstates traction on your shoes.
  • Traction gel (2oz). Applying a considerable amount of this gel on the traction pads cleans your shoe while providing the best traction.
  • Accounts for safety since the traction gel is certified and does not affect whatsoever on the player.


  • Relieves the cumbersomeness of having to wipe your shoes for traction frequently.
  • Promotes hygiene since players initially had to wipe their shoes using their hands.
  • Eliminates the high cost and price paid by competitive players who had to take time off due to injuries from slipping.
  • Promotes safety by little or no chances of slipping
  • Convenient since one does not have to stop playing to enhance traction


  • Only offers traction for dry floors. However, it is unlikely that sports such as basketball to be in a wet environment.
  • The traction pads need to be cleaned occasionally using specific directions. Conversely, instructions on how to go about the cleaning are available online.

Women’s Best Traction Basketball Shoes

Every product has some special difference between men to women. Here are 2 great woman’s basketball shoes with quality tractions.

9. Nike Women’s Hyper dunk 2017 TB Basketball Shoes

The shoe is made of mesh on the upper for breathability. Due to Flywire cables, it has a high wrap for the support that offers adaptive lockdown. This cover is woven and engineered; thus, it is breathable and light.

Its cushioning is up-to-date (Lunar), soft, light, and provides comfort. More so, the cushion offers an ultra-responsive feel. The shoe has a highly light Nick React Foam that is durable and has a soft sensation on your underfoot, keeping you comfortable.

The shoe outsole material is the rubber that assumes a pattern, thus multiplying the effectiveness of its traction. The design supports the points where the pressure is exerted, providing traction where needed. It has an 83% perfect fit and an inner sleeve, which is half but fits in like a sock.


  • The shoe’s cushioning is lunar, which gives it a responsive fit
  • The upper of the shoe is of lightweight, breathable material
  • Stylish making one stand out
  • The outsole offers traction through patterns on it
  • Integration of laces and Flywire cables provides secure lockdown fit.
  • Durability is further improved by a molded heel counter.


  • It lacks anti-odor properties, but its upper material allows breathability

10. Adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Mid W

These Bbadidas shoes have an unbeatable style; they are shiny metallic patent leather with three stripes on the sides, and the underlays have leopard prints, making them up to date.

The shoe material is leather, synthetic leather, or textile. Its outsole is made of rubber, and so is its sole. It has a comfortable inner lining made of fabric. It accounts for versatility since this shoe is fit even for workouts. The shoe boasts comfort by its standard shoe height that lacks a wedge.


  • Perfect fit, especially for individuals with narrow feet
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • They fit other workouts and casual wear too


  • It has a 77% shoe fit. Thus you might consider ordering half an inch higher, especially if you have wide feet.
  • Unsewn strings may pop up, which one can cut off quickly.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Basketball Shoes

Buying shoes is an activity one can easily ignore, but finding the right shoe is the most crucial decision a player can make. Finding the right shoe for you entails more than just appealing looks. It goes deep into features and factors that make it stand out, depending on your definition of comfort.

Style is an attractive attribute that makes our heads turn. However, stylishness is not a guarantee of performance. We have created ten must-look-into characteristics while buying basketball shoes.


No one appreciates buying shoes that last a couple of weeks or that will get you off the court after it tears apart. The material used to make sure determines its durability.


Most of the sneakers have specialized in offering good traction. It is a bonus to go for a shoe that doubles as useful on various surfaces. Be keen on the rubbers` pattern and how soft or thick it is.

Level of Expertise

How skilled do you determine the shoe you need to purchase? For example, if you are a regular player always on the court, you sure need a shoe that offers the latest technology.

Fast players require a lightweight shoe that offers support, cushion, and flexibility, while power players need a slightly more substantial shoe that provides cushion and maximum stability.

How well does the shoe fit?

Sneakers are somewhat narrow nowadays, which is perfect for small-footed ones, but what about wide-footed ones? It is. However, a less severe issue since buying or ordering half an inch hour fixes the problem. For people with wide feet, we recommend purchasing shoes made of raw materials, for example, suede and leather. It is because opposed to plastic synthetics, they tend to expand after putting them on for a while.

To avoid going half an inch up, you can measure your foot professionally at any athletic shop.


Yes, comfort does vary with individuals, but certain aspects shed light on how comfortable the shoe is. For the best support, pay close attention to the cushion. Most comfortable shoes have their buffer being either air-based or foam cushions.

The distinctiveness of the two lies in response. We recommend an air-based cushion for individuals who prefer the higher answer or put in more energy since the energy put in reflects. Foam cushions work better for people who enjoy the minimum response. However, it is worth noting that air-based cushions last longer.

Body Size

Your body size reflects the support you need. Thus, the shoe offers the best support. Signature sneakers provide a variety of shoes based on one`s body size for higher productivity and comfort. For those who don’t know which shoes to form, neutral signature shoes are available.

Note that putting on worn-out shoes while playing may result in foot injuries. We recommend you change your shoes once a month since the frequent use of the shoes wears out the ability to offer support, protection, and cushion.

Final Verdict

Players can attest to their struggle to maintain traction as they play. You can slip, fall, get up, and continue with the game, but in some cases, you move and suffer injuries, which results in some time off the courts. We then tasked ourselves with the obligation to provide you with the best traction shoes as we start the year. All the medical bills and injuries are now avoidable. Feel free to choose any of the above shoes we recommend according to your taste and preference. Safety first!

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