8 Best Senko Rod Reviews 2022 – Enjoy your Fishing Trip

We would all agree that fishing has become an everyday sport over the past years. It is the most popular outdoor activity U.S.A from 2009 to 2018. One may think that it’s prevalent among the older age group; on the contrary, over 60 percent of participants are aged below 45 years. This is as per the fishing statistics recorded in 2017.

It’s evident that anyone who does fishing desires for their experience to be super fun and rewarding. And the best way to do that is by making more catches while using the best fishing rod. Below is a product review on the best Senko rod for a fulfilling Senko fishing encounter.

8 Best Senko Rod Reviews

There are many rods on the market today but not all will give you the performance you need. We have sampled the best Senko rods worth buying this year.

1. Wright and Mc-Gill Skeet Reese Shaky Head /Senko Fishing Rod.

The manufacturer brand of the Wright and Mc-Gill fishing rod, known as Eagle Claw, includes a wide range of fishing products. Their products feature the utmost durability and high quality and also include 85+ years of experience of making hooks.

Owing to this, they are a well-recognized and reputable company that has managed to cover both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Be sure that the products have been field-tested and pose high competition in the market.

The fishing rod has a unique split design that ensures a lightweight and well-balanced structure. The rubber coat of the handle is a major contributor to providing a firm and comfortable grip throughout the fishing session.

Another thing is the S-curve blank composure feature that revitalizes the strength, lifting power and sensitivity of the fishing rod. With increased sensitivity, you can sense even the slightest bites from fish for greater catches.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Built to last long.
  • Split handle design.
  • S-curve blank construction.


  • Rubber handles have high friction.

2. Dobyns Rod Fury Series Casting Rod

One thing I love about the Dobyns Fury Series casting rods is the serious inclusion of essential features that an angler can appreciate. I am pretty sure that you all know that graphite has impeccable sensitivity whenever it comes to detecting fish bites.

I do not see how you can go home empty-handed with a winsome specification on your casting rod. The notable difference between this rod and the FR 733C, is the rod length, which is 6.6 inches. Despite that, they both have similar specifications.

The handle of the Fury Series casting rod comes loaded with a super comfortable cork handle design with a Hypalon butt. What I find amazing about cork is the stylish modern look it adds to the rod plus an extra comfortable grip which is also lightweight.

The butt of the handle features hypalon, the cork has a secure position, which increases its power to last long. The reel seats on the rod are of Fuji allowing no form of rust to settle in your metal bends.


  • Medium Heavy power fast action.
  • Fuji reel seats.
  • Premium Cork, hypalon handle design.
  • Graphite enabled sensitivity.


  • Quite expensive.

3. Dobyns Rod 734C FH Champion Series Heavy Fast Casting Rod

The Champion Series 734C FH casting rod is created with modulus graphite blanks that empower the rod with elevated sensitivity. It will no longer be a difficult task when detecting fish proximity.

 I trust that with the right instincts and rod power, precision of fish catches is undoubtedly attainable. The heavy fast action rod is a good companion for surfing against strong waves due to the durable composure. With these essential features, you can cover long water distanced and cast big fish.

This also means that the rod power is suitable for large fish catches. The handle of the casting rod is made of AA premium-grade cork material which adds a touch of style and class giving an overall modern look.

The comfort of holding the rod will make you feel empty-handed. The casting rod is also ideal for Spinnerbaits, jigs, flukes, buzz baits, horny toads and Senko.


  • Has durable strength.
  • Standard sensitivity.
  • Well it is balanced and lightweight.
  • Heavy fast action casting rod.


  • Has a heavy cover.

4. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 703SF

The FR 703SF Medium power spinning rod provided the perfect mash-up between the light power in light fishing rods and the heavy power fishing rods. Owing to this factor, they have great compatibility with jigs, Senko, Texas rigs and shaky heads.

The versatility included in this spinning rod makes it desirable for any angler. As we all know, spinning rods are the top pick when beginners who have basic fishing skills need to learn all about fishing.

What I like about this spinning rod is the graphite blank feature that offers incredible sensitivity while fishing. Sensitivity is the answer to the precise location of fish for you to act accordingly.

I cannot imagine holding a fishing line below the water surface waiting for the moment a fish pops out of the water for you to make a catch. If that were the case, fishing could never have been fun; the fun is in catching not waiting.


  • High sensitivity.
  • Strong and balanced.
  • Lightweight


  • May dissatisfy professionals.

5. St Croix Bass X Series Casting Rod.

Unlike other modulus graphite constructions, the Bass X series has a higher strain rate. It’s important to note that one of the downsides of using a graphite rod is less durability. This is as compared to fiberglass or composite fishing rods.

Even so, no fishing rod material’s sensitivity can measure up to the level at which graphite offers. It is nothing less than remarkable when combined with medium power action for fetching medium casts.

We all do not realize the major importance of custom handles until the battle between your strength and the weight of the fish begins. Without firm grip handles, I am sure that all fishing rods will be slipping into the water immediately we impart pressure.

The Brass X has a premium cork handle that offers an ergonomic grip plus causing the casting rod to look stylish and modern. The split handle is lightweight with perfect balance to make fishing casts.


  • Premium graphite structure.
  • Split cork handle design.
  • Fairly durable.


  • May not last that long.

6. Dobyns Rods Sierra Series 683C Medium Heavy Casting Rod

Just like all the other Dobyns rods, the Sierra series does not disappoint on matters regarding rod sensitivity. The modulus graphite blanks are indispensible contributors towards enhancing the level at which the rod is sensitive.

Your fishing rod will effectively sense any fish movement within its radius. It has medium heavy fast action, which makes it suitable for long and medium distance casting.

They also come with Fuji guides having alconite inserts together with reel seats that are made from Fuji material also. This makes sure that your casting rod has strong resistance against rust.

With a nice firm grip from the cork handle, you will have ultimate control over the fishing process. The Sierra series 683C has flawless compatibility with Senko, flukes, Texas rigs, jigs and spinnerbaits.


  • Cork grip handle.
  • Essential sensitivity.
  • Lightweight and well balanced.


  • Does not last a lifetime.

7. Fenwick HMG70MH-FS HMG Spinning Rod.

The HMG has brought on a complete game-changer in the world of fishing. The medium-heavy fast action spinning rod is solely made from graphite, offering elevated levels of sensitivity. Even with the sturdy action, the weight is entirely manageable.

It has uniquely included a soft touch alien reel seat that has a safety lock for securing the reel position. The Fuji guides are not about to retire anytime soon, owing to corrosion-resistant capability.

The casting rod has carbon bound blanks that are spiraled with carbon threads. This braided action gives the spinning rod remarkable strength and precision when in action. It’s not something that you find in the market every day; your fishing days have never gotten any better. You have complete control over the performance of the spinning rod with amazing user specifications at your disposal.


  • AA Cork grip handle.
  • Safety lock on reel seat.
  • Stainless steel Fuji guides.
  • Lightweight.


  • No negative reviews so far

8. Dobyns Rod Fury Series FR 733C Medium Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod.

If you want high-value features that match the demand for excellent performance, I trust that you are looking at the real deal. The rod handle features a Hypalon material which bears the outstanding feature of being durable.

As compared to having a foam or cork handle, a Hypalon handle gives a firm and comfortable grip, which is sure to withstand the wear and tear of time. It all begins with a tight and firm grip for you to display amazing fishing skills.

Being a medium-heavy action rod, it combines ultimate strength and stiffness with light action. This kind of action creates a winning strategy for casting both medium and heavy fish. The casting rod length of 7.3 inches is enough to tackle inshore fishing while covering medium to long water distances. The FR 733C fishing rod also recommended for Flukes, Senko, spook, Spinnerbaits and horny toads attachments.


  • Has excellent sensitivity.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Has strong make.


  • Not too stiff for large casting.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Senko Rod

Once you get into a shop to buy something, it’s common to find a wide array of the same item. This may cause confusion which may lead to making a fleeting decision. When it comes to purchasing a fishing rod, I believe you need to have a couple of things in mind for a solid decision.

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Different Types Of Fishing Rods

Spinning Rods

They are the most basic fishing rods hence common among many anglers. They are easy to use, and you can cover more water with light lures. Additionally, they are fairly inexpensive, thereby fitting into most anglers’ budgets.

Bait-casting rods

These rods are harder to use as compared to spinning rods. This difference has a greater effect on a beginner due to little experience. However, professional anglers take to bait-casting rods for their precision and their ability to handle heavier fishing lines.

Spin-Casting Rods

They are in many ways similar to bait-casting rods. You may find them defined under the same category of casting rods. It’s not a wonder to find bait-casting reels and spin-casting reels being used interchangeably in either of the casting rods.

Fly fishing Rods

They are particularly designed for fly fishing. Usually, they are thin and lightweight with small guides. Its reel is situated below the handle. Anglers prefer to use it with thick fishing lines.

Telescoping Rods

They are made up of several pieces thus earning the name, folding, or collapsible fishing rods. The pieces can easily extend to maximum length when the rod is in use and also fold back after using it.

Material of Fishing Rod

Graphite – the material makes the rods lighter and stiffer, making them more sensitive to detecting bites. The rods are powerful enough to pull heavy fish out of water.

Fiberglass Fishing rods made out of this material are tough therefore last longer than graphite material. However, they do not match the latter’s power and sensitivity.

Composite the composite made from graphite, fiberglass, and other materials. This makes the fishing rods to equally bear both the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass and graphite. This means that they have impressive power, sensitivity, and durability. They are usually cheaper than graphite rods but more costly than fiberglass rods.

FAQs For Best Senko Rod

How do I get to catch more fish?

I assume that you are asking this with the proper materials at hand. A common mistake that anglers make when fishing is dismissing covers such as laydowns, docks, and grass beds. This is playing it safe since you do not want to snag up or lose baits. When you avoid cover areas, you are likely to struggle to catch fish, because ironically, these avoided covers are the hotspots for fish.


Hopefully, with the help of this review, you have gained clarity on the fishing rod you need for top-notch performance. Regardless of the level of skill you have in Senko fishing, I strongly believe that the tools you use undoubtedly make a big count in your after results. You had better get ready to go on delightful trips to the pond because trust me, your progress is about to hit the roof.

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