Secure Your Ankles: The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

If you play basketball regularly, you know that spraining your ankle is one of the most prevalent injuries. Thus, it would help if you got the proper support for your feet. One of the best ways to do that is to get basketball shoes designed for your ankles. This way, you can help reduce the risk of a sprain and keep playing for longer. For better support, you also need the best ankle brace for basketball.

10 Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

Overall, an ankle sprain can derail your game, so let’s look at the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Reviews

1. NIKE Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 Basketball Sneaker

The brand you pick matters when finding the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Nike is one of the top options out there, meaning that you know that you’re getting a high-quality shoe. That being said, Nike can be a little pricey, but the fact is that any of these models is going to be a little higher than average. Nonetheless, you can rest easy knowing that your ankles will get the support they need while you’re on the court.

One way to know if a shoe is designed for your ankles is to see how tall the top is. The Hyperdunk has a high-top design that will cover your ankles and part of your leg. The support comes from having responsive cushions on the top and laces that go all the way up.

In this case, the height of the shoe is more than enough to provide comfort for any player, and the fact that you can feel snug while playing ensures that you have much less of a risk of rolling or spraining your ankle.

One thing that we like about this shoe is that it’s super lightweight. The materials are also breathable so that your feet won’t feel like they’re on fire after a while. Not only that, but the cushioning inside is thick enough to be comfortable without providing too much insulation. These shoes use Nike’s Zoom Air technology to be responsive and durable.

Another thing that makes the Hyperdunk a quality shoe is that you can choose from a wide selection of styles and colors. Thus, no matter what personality you want to bring to the court, chances are that you’ll find a pair that works for you. The Hyperdunk is an excellent example of form and function working together.


  • Many styles and designs are available
  • High-quality synthetic materials
  • Thick rubber sole for durability
  • Zoom Air technology in foot and heel
  • Responsive cushioning for better results
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • It can be stiff at first and must be broken in
  • In rare cases, they may pinch the ankle while playing

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2. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Like Nike, Adidas is another high-end brand that makes some of the best basketball shoes in the world. When trying to find the best pair for your feet, you may already prefer one brand over the other. Nonetheless, if you’re still undecided, you may like the lightweight appeal of the Crazy Explosive Shoe over other options.

This model is ideal for basketball players because it’s soft and comfortable. While it may not be explicitly designed for ankle support, it does have a high-top design that helps keep your ankles in check while you play.

One downside of these shoes is that they don’t have laces up. Instead, the laces are designed to fit more relaxed on your foot and make it easy to get in and out of the shoes. Even with this issue, the boots are ideal for those worried about twisting or spraining their ankles.

Inside, these units have Boost cushioning from Adidas. This material is one of the lightest and most responsive in the industry, meaning that you will feel much more pep in your step while on the court. Even though the cushion is not as thick as other models we’ve seen, it’s light and breathable.

Overall, if you haven’t had any ankle injury and want something breezy to practice in, the Crazy Explosive Shoe is an excellent choice. While it may not provide extra support for heavy-duty use, it’s perfect for playing casually. Also, it comes in some sweet designs to look good on the court.


  • Multiple colors and styles are available
  • Reliable textile and synthetic materials
  • Simple lace enclosure for easy in and out
  • Boost cushioning is highly responsive
  • Soft and comfortable textile lining
  • Thick rubber outsole for durability
  • The textured design provides extra grip on the court


  • Laces don’t go all the way up
  • Cushioning is not as thick as other models

3. NIKE Men’s Air Force 1 High ’07 LV8 Basketball Shoe

One of the oldest basketball shoe models that Nike has to offer is the Air Force 1. This particular iteration is from the 2007 lineup, meaning that the company still needs to find a way to perfect the design.

Compared to the other units we’ve seen, the Air Force 1 is a much thicker and heavier shoe. However, when it comes to ankle support, that’s a positive thing. You want thicker material over your ankles because it’s much easier to keep them in place while playing.

For the most part, sprains and twists happen because the ligaments in your ankle get pulled around in different directions. As you maneuver on the court, you’re putting a lot of wear and tear on the ankle, which can lead to injury.

When you have a tight shoe wrapped around your foot, however, it helps strengthen the ligaments so that they don’t shift and move around as much. Thus, the Air Force 1’s studier material works harder, even if it doesn’t feel as light and flexible as other shoes.

To help provide even more support, these units have a Velcro enclosure on the shaft. Coupled with the laces, you can make the shoe as snug as you like, ensuring you don’t have to worry about your ankles during the game.

Fortunately, having a tighter fit doesn’t mean that your feet will be roasting. These shoes have perforated upper soles so that you can get airflow to your feet and allow them to cool off when you’re not running around.

If you can take the time to break these shoes in, they will be one of the best options for consistent ankle support while playing. Also, their thicker soles and materials ensure that they will last longer than the competition.


  • Multiple styles/colors available
  • Combination lace/Velcro enclosure
  • Durable leather and rubber construction
  • Foam midsole for comfort
  • Nike Air cushioning inside
  • Perforated upper sole for airflow
  • Thick rubber outsole for stability


  • Heavier than other models
  • It can take a while to break in for flexibility

4. NIKE Men’s Hyperdunk 2016 Synthetic Basketball Shoes

Although these Hyperdunk Shoes are newer than the ones we saw above, they have a distinctly old-fashioned look. Nike decided to add a vintage design to the shoes so that you can have a more retro appearance on the court. This is achieved with an old “fat belly” swoosh on the side and a thicker tongue on the shaft.

As you can imagine, a thick tongue can help with ankle support. You want as much cushioning as possible so that your ankles don’t feel sore after a game. Fortunately, both the shaft and the tongue are designed to protect and comfort your ankles at all times.

What we like most about these shoes is the upper mesh material. This means that the shoes are both lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable on and off the court. Also, because you can choose from various colors and styles, you can be sure that you’re always looking your best.

The outer sole of the Hyperdunk 2016 is Nike’s Natural Motion Sole. This means that it is more flexible than other models and is much more responsive to your movement. You will notice that the shoes feel like they have more grip when changing direction, which can help improve your game.

Finally, we like that the laces go up the shaft. This way, you can create a tighter, more snug fit around your ankles to help reduce twists and sprains. Also, thanks to the mesh material, your feet won’t get too hot while on the court.


  • Many different colors/styles are available
  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort
  • A long 2.8-inch shaft covers the ankles
  • Thick cushioned tongue for added support
  • Laces go all the way up for stability
  • The natural motion sole unit is flexible
  • Vintage design


  • Sizes can run a little tight
  • In rare cases, they can dig into your ankles

5. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown shoe

Although Adidas and Nike are the top two brands for basketball shoes, Under Armour is a close third option. Many players get incredible support and comfort from this company, so you know that you’re in good hands when picking out one of their shoes.

The Men’s Lockdown is a relatively simple option, meaning there aren’t as many styles and designs. Also, the construction is much more streamlined than other units with high-tech materials and add-ons. Thus, these may be a good choice if you’re looking for a simple and comfortable shoe for the court.

The primary element that we like about these shoes is the interior. They come with EVA foam insoles to feel comfortable whether you’re playing or not. This foam is present up the shaft, so your ankles will also benefit.

One shortcoming of this shoe is that the shaft is lower than other models. Thus, there’s a chance that You won’t cover your feet all the way while you’re playing. The tongue does go up further, but that only offers minimal support and comfort. Overall, if you have shorter feet and these shoes fully sheathe your ankles, we would highly recommend them.

The traction of the Lockdown is also incredible. You will notice better movement on the court, which helps alleviate any problems with your ankles. Slipping because your shoes can cause twists and sprains, so it’s nice to know that you can turn on a dime with these models.


  • Thick cushioned tongue
  • EVA molded insole for comfort
  • The single-piece upper is built to last
  • Thick rubber outsole for stability
  • Improved traction for better maneuvering
  • Perforated materials allow for airflow


  • Shoes can be a narrow fit
  • Limited size and design options

6. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

When picking out the best basketball shoe, it can sometimes help to get one designed by a star player. While putting their name on the brand can inflate the price a little bit, the benefit is that you know that the shoe is built with professionals in mind.

In this case, the Curry 3 from Under Armour is named after Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry. If you want to be wearing the same shoes that he has on the court, then you’ll love these shoes. Let’s go over the various features and benefits that they offer.

First, the upper sole has a thicker mesh than other basketball shoes. This helps ensure that your feet get more than enough airflow while playing. At first, the mesh may feel a little cheap and flimsy, but it’s there for a reason. Once you recognize how cool your feet are, you’ll appreciate its inclusion.

The other thing we like about these shoes is their thick cushioning on the tongue and around the ankle. Also, since the laces go all the way up, you can be sure that you will provide more than enough support for your feet. Coupled with the mesh design, you don’t have to worry about roasting your feet because they’re too tight.

As with other professional-grade basketball shoes, you can find the color and style that’s right for you. The Curry 3 has many options, ensuring you won’t have any problem getting the best look for your game.


  • Many styles/colors available
  • Thick mesh upper for better airflow
  • Rubber outsole for traction and stability
  • Laces go all the way up
  • Thick tongue for added support


  • Sizing can be tricky for some users
  • Exterior material can feel a bit flimsy

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7. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy 1 Basketball Shoe

This next shoe from Adidas will make you think you’ve returned to the golden age of the 90s. The materials, shape, and color scheme for the Men’s Crazy 1 are straight out of your favorite animated basketball movie, meaning that you will feel a rush of nostalgia every time you put them on. Fortunately, they’re also high-performance shoes so you can feel better about your game.

The main thing we like about the Men’s Crazy 1 is that the sides of the shaft have thicker than usual padding. Also, the tongue is much more robust than other shoes, meaning you don’t have to worry about pain or discomfort while playing.

This is a mid-top shoe, so your ankles may not get full coverage. If that’s the case, be aware that you can still be at risk for twists and sprains, so get a high-top model if you want to be fully protected.

The other thing we appreciate about this model is the internal Torsion system. This is a proprietary design by Adidas to help you stay responsive while on the court. Coupled with the herringbone traction of the outsole, you should be able to pivot and change direction without hesitation.


  • Unique, vintage color scheme
  • Thicker padding for more comfort
  • Rugged leather and rubber construction
  • Laces go all the way up
  • Lightweight and versatile design
  • Textile lining conforms to your foot
  • Torsion system for more responsiveness
  • Herringbone pattern outsole for grip


  • Mid-top design may not cover ankles all the way
  • Sizing can run small for some users

8. Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

So far, we’ve been looking at basketball shoes that work for ankle support but aren’t necessarily designed for that specific purpose. However, the ClutchFit Shoes from Under Armour have extra features that will ensure that your ankles stay safe on the court, no matter how hard you play.

First, the name comes from the ClutchFit technology present in these shoes. This means that the material is both extra flexible and breathable. The shoe will move with you while you play, and it can keep your feet cool during the most intense action.

Secondly, these shoes have added padding and support around the ankle. There is an external heel counter to help keep your foot in place at all times and a pad for your Achilles tendon so that it doesn’t move out of business. On top of that, these models have bear-trap style laces that will ensure a tighter, more snug fit.

Finally, we appreciate that these shoes have orthopedic insoles already built-in. Also, the material is antimicrobial to help avoid the funk that comes from heavy use. Overall, these are one of the best options for ankle support.


  • Reliable fabric and synthetic materials
  • Many colors and styles available
  • ClutchFit technology breathes and stretches
  • External heel counter and internal shanks for more support
  • Added cushioning around the ankle
  • Bear-trap lacing provides a tight and comfortable enclosure
  • Antimicrobial sock liner conforms to your foot
  • Orthopedic arch support included


  • Sizes can run narrow
  • Extra padding may be hot for some users

9. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe

Our last Adidas shoe is the D Rose 7 model. This unit comes with additional padding and support for your ankle, making it an ideal option for anyone who loves the brand and wants to ensure that their feet are well protected.

As with other Adidas basketball shoes, these models come with Boost cushioning. This ensures you have incredible responsiveness while you’re out on the court. Also, they have a thick mesh upper to increase the airflow, so your feet don’t roast.

As far as ankle support goes, this high-top design is higher than other models, and it has a molded shaft that conforms to your foot. This design also works with an ankle brace, so feel free to add even more support while playing.


  • The high top design is five inches
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Boost cushioning for responsiveness
  • Mesh and synthetic upper for breathability
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Enhanced traction for better movement
  • Molded shaft works with or without a brace


  • Can feel a bit heavier than other models
  • In rare cases, the molded shaft may be too stiff

10. Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 Premium

Under Armour Men's Drive 4 Premium

As we’ve seen, Under Armour makes some of the most high-performance basketball shoes out there. While Nike and Adidas get all the attention, this company focuses on quality and reliability. In this case, the Men’s Drive 4 Shoe has some incredible features that make it ideal for ankle support.

First, this unit has a molded ankle collar to provide comfort and resilience while on the court. Second, it has an external heel counter so that your foot always stays in place. Next, it has a toe wrap design to ensure you don’t slip while moving around. Finally, it has reinforced laces so that you can stay snug. Also, you don’t have to worry about breaking the laces over time, either.


  • Durable leather and textile materials
  • Molded ankle collar for added support
  • External heel counter for comfort
  • Toe wrap design reduces slipping
  • Reinforced laces for added durability
  • EVA foam sock-liner inside
  • Herringbone design for better traction


  • Can take a while to break in
  • Not as breathable as other models

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Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Frequently Asked Questions for Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Can you wear ankle support while playing basketball?

Yes, wearing ankle support while playing basketball can help reduce the risk of injuring your ankles. It can also provide stability and support to help you perform better during the game.

Are low-top basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Yes, absolutely. Most low-top shoes provide ample ankle support. Just like regular shoes, there are different levels of support. Low-top basketball shoes provide ankle support, so you do not risk injury.

What is the best way to measure a basketball shoe for the ankle?

The best way to measure a basketball shoe for the ankle is to use a cloth measuring tape and tightly wrap it around the ankle. Measure from the back of the heel up along the ankle, ensuring that no skin is being pinched, then have someone write down this measurement. This measurement should be taken while in a standing position.

Final Verdict

Since we’re focusing on basketball shoes that provide the best ankle support, we aren’t necessarily going to recommend the best overall shoe for playing the game. Ankle safety is crucial in court because one wrong move could indefinitely put you on the bench.

So, with that in mind, our two top picks are the Nike Air Force 1 and the Under Armour UA Clutchfit Shoes.

These models are in our top ranking because they provide more than enough support and comfort for your ankle. Although the Air Force 1s can feel bulky and heavy, you won’t have to worry about twisting or spraining yourself as quickly as you could with other models.

We also like the Clutchfit because it offers additional protection and padding for the ankle, making it an ideal choice for any player, especially those who have already been benched because of a sprain. Wearing these shoes will help prevent that from happening.

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