Best Ulu Knife in 2023 – Experts Guide & Reviews

A kitchen without a knife! What kind of kitchen is that? Knives serve very significant roles in the kitchen. From chopping vegetables to cutting essential items in the kitchen. We could term a knife as a vital kitchen need. When it comes to knives, you will get different types with different designs. Each knife model has its purpose in the kitchen.

One of the most outstanding knife types is the ulu knife. It is a traditional design that has fascinated most people in modern days. We will see different models of ulu knives.

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Best Ulu Knife Reviews

1. Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl Set

With the Ulu factory ulu bowl set, you will realize that you don’t need any other knife set. This single product is enough for you to be effective in the kitchen. The package comes with an Ulu knife and a bowl. You can easily use the Ulu knife on the rounded Ulu bowl. It will fit perfectly, and at the same time, the bowl will hold all the ingredients you chop. This product is an excellent knife at a great price. Considering that it is a 2-in-1 product, it is a great choice. Alaskan is the creative designer behind this product. The quality and durability of the knife are guaranteed.

What comes to your mind when you hear stainless steel? Well, most of you know that this is a quality material used to make most cutlery you use in the kitchen. The ulu factory bowl set knife is included. It incorporates a stainless steel blade to enhance quality. With that, say goodbye to corrosion and rust. When it comes to its handle, the manufacturer utilizes hardwood material. The grip is comfortable enough and has an engraved Alaska logo. It’s appealing, right? With this bowl set, you are set for all kitchen chopping tasks.


  • You can utilize any sharpening equipment to sharpen it
  • Its stainless steel blade is rust and corrosion-resistant
  • The bowl will stay in place without sliding
  • The knife fits in the bowl perfectly for storage purpose
  • You can use a cutting board together with the bowl


  • The bowl breaks too easily
  • It’s handle need to be dry every time

2. Alaska Ulu Knife Set-Curved Knife

The Ulu factory is known to produce the best knife models. This specific one is one of the Ulu products. With this single product, you have a handful of unique features and functional accessories. The length of its blade is 6 inches. That is a perfect length for kitchen dicing, chopping, slicing, and cutting tasks. The package includes a chopping board with a great design. Its size is eight square inches. This makes it a square shape chopping board. That will be perfect for you to chop all your ingredients.

As if all is not said, the set also comes with a stand. The purpose of the frame is to hold the knife when not in use. The blade utilizes stainless steel material. That implies that the knife will serve you for a long time. You can do it easily with any sharpening tool when sharpening the edge. The handle of a knife is very crucial. This model’s handle is comfortable enough to ensure a perfect grip when chopping and slicing. The handle incorporates birch wood.


  • The blade material is of high quality
  • The knife is small in size enhancing the simplicity of utilization
  • The chopping board is big enough to hold ingredients
  • You don’t need to sharpen the blade often
  • Its handle provides a comfortable grip


  • It is relatively expensive for a small knife
  • Handle too tiny for some users

3. Alaska Ulu Knife Natural Exotic

Having an attractive knife will make your experience in the kitchen lively. The Alaska ulu knife’s natural exotic overall look will impress you. Its design is perfect enough to give you no second thoughts when purchasing it. Its blade is high quality, enhancing long-term usage. It’s also very sharp, ensuring you chop, slice, and cut tasks easily and quickly.

The material used on the blade makes it rust and stain-resistant. This means that the blade quality will never depreciate. The blade size is 6 inches. If the blade is not sharp enough for you, use a honing tool to sharpen it.

Have you checked this knife’s price? Well, prepare for fascination. Every user can afford the blade—no need to go for expensive sets when you can access an affordable model. Slicing meat is usually not an easy task. This occurs if you have a poor knife model. This model helps you slice your meat with ease. Its handle is wooden. The product also comes with a stand with a matching design with a handle. What are you waiting for if you don’t have this knife yet?


  • The product comes at an affordable price
  • It includes appealing natural aesthetics
  • You can easily clean the knife
  • This knife does not rust easily
  • It is ideal for kale and vegetable cutting


  • The wood handle and stand should be always dry to avoid rusting
  • Its handle is loosely attached

4. 4. 8″ Block With Deep Dish Chopping Bowl And Alaskan Birch Handled Ulu

Cooking is only complete with spices and additional ingredients. What will you use to cut, slice, and chop the ingredients? If you don’t have a perfect knife, you will take a lot of time with hassle cutting kitchen spices and ingredients. We have good news. You don’t have to stress yourself over missing cooking ingredients. Why don’t you get this set of ulu knives? It will make your work easier and quicker than before. The best thing is that you will get a chopping bowl inclusive of the price. Therefore, it gives you no additional cost. What do you think of that? It’s quite a catch.

The chopping bowl measure 5.5 * 1 ¼ inch in width and depth, respectively. Your ingredients will stay in the bowl when you continue with the chopping. Cleaning the knife and the bowl is nothing complicated. Just use warm soapy water to rinse the two and use a dry cloth to dry them off. The blade has a great wooden handle. The handle ensures that you have a comfortable grip when doing chopping operations.


  • It is a high-quality product
  • The handle provides a comfortable grip
  • The package comes with a bowl and a knife
  • The blade is rust-resistant


  • The bowl could be deeper

5. Multi-Colored Exotic Wood-Handled Wood Ulu

A multi-colored knife, I like the sound of that. I bet you will like it too. I mean, you will always need more of an Ulu knife. The manufacturer knows how to impress customers by making quality products. This model has multiple colors that make the knife attractive. Besides being gorgeous, its features will also impress you. You get a knife stand in the package.

The stand and the handle have the same color patterns. If you think cutting veggies is complicated, wait until you use this multi-colored ulu knife. You will realize that it is nothing hard. This makes you feel like having salad and veggies pizza every day.

Cutting veggies is more accessible now, so why not treat me to good food? The handle and the stand are made of solid wood material. The knife’s blade is always sharp. It is made of quality stainless steel material to enhance durability.


  • The multicolor design makes it appealing
  • You get a knife and a stand in the package
  • You can easily hold it with a single hand
  • Cleaning the knife is simple
  • The stainless steel blade stays sharp


  • The handle can be loosely fixed
  • The handle of the knife is small for some users

6. Alaskan Ulu Knife

This ulu knife model might be a great catch if you have small hands. Its design incorporates a small wooden handle. Although the handle is small, it gives you the comfiest grip. This, in return, makes chopping easy. If your hands are extra-large, this is not a great choice. However, you can get it as a gift to your loved ones. The package comes with a stand that is wooden too. The stand will hold the knife for you when not in use.

The product also comes with a very sharp blade. You can use it immediately after purchasing without sharpening it. The manufacturer was wise enough to use the stainless steel material on the edge. This makes the knife strong. When it comes to honing, the blade gets sharp very fast. The knife’s handle has an Alaska logo engraved for decoration and branding purposes. Who can resist Alaskan products?


  • The knife model comes with a holding stand
  • The handle is perfect for small-hand users
  • It ensures easy and fast chopping
  • The durability of the knife is at its best
  • Its blade comes pre-sharpened


  • The knife’s handle seems a little smaller to some users

7. Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife Of The Artic

Professional chefs love this model more. Its performance is incredible. The best thing is that you can also use it at home, whether you are an expert or not. Again Ulu factory never disappoints. As the name implies, the performance of this knife will show that it is legendary. If you want to be an expert in chopping just like the pros chefs, use the Alaskan ulu legendary knife of the artic. The knife comes with a stand. Therefore no need to worry about where to put it after use.

The blade is made from the quality stainless steel material. You can hone the blade using any honing equipment in case it becomes blunt. However, it doesn’t get blunt easily. The knife features a unique wooden handle design. The interesting thing is that the handle is large. Therefore, you can use the knife comfortably whether you have small or large hands. You can utilize the knife using a single hand.


  • Its handle is ideal for small and large hands users
  • You can easily hone the knife’s edge
  • The package comes with a knife stand
  • The material ensures that the knife is durable
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • It requires cleaning, immediately after use
  • The handle is relatively rough

8. Lamson Ulu Knife

When it comes to versatility, you can trust the Lamson Ulu knife. It can perform chopping, slicing, dicing, and cutting tasks perfectly. Therefore with this single knife, you are set for all kitchen cutting operations. Whether you want to use it on veggies, onions, meat, or all is fine. If you have not bought it, I think it’s time you make a move. Besides using it in the kitchen, you can also use the knife for other outdoor cutting tasks.

The blade itself will amaze you. It is sharp, just the way you like it. The producer utilizes stainless steel and carbon to make this knife’s blade. It doesn’t matter how hard the item you want to cut is. This blade can easily cut through any hard ingredients. The knife’s handle attaches to the blade using high-quality brass rivets. This makes the construction sturdy. The handle stays attached to the blade with no movements.


  • This knife performs more than one functions
  • Its price is affordable
  • The edge of the knife stays sharp for a long time
  • Utilization of the knife is straightforward
  • The knife will serve you for a long period


  • The handle needs sanding due to its rough texture

9. Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

The design of the +75+24Gil Hibben legacy ulu knife is outstanding. This is a Chinese-made ulu knife. However, it has incredible features that, for a minute, make you forget that it is made in china. The blade is 6.5 inches long, making it perfect for most chopping boards. The knife’s blade is highly sharp, ensuring that slicing, chopping, cutting, and dicing are effortless and quick. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material.

The handle utilizes pakkawood material. The best thing about the handle is that it requires no sanding. The manufacturer made sure that the handle was smooth and, at the same time, enhanced a perfect grip. Ordinary wood colors can sometimes be less appealing. To add to the knife’s look, the handles are black. Smooth and black, it’s a pretty perfect combination. The knife comes with a black leather sheath for storage and safety purposes.


  • Its overall design is very outstanding
  • The knife’s handle is smooth and comfortable
  • The package includes a black leather sheath for storage purposes
  • Its blade makes chopping and cutting effortless


  • The quality of the knife could be better

10. Made In Alaska Natural Moose Antler Ulu Knife

B merry brand is the creative thought behind this traditional, natural moose antler ulu knife. The blade’s appearance will show you that it is a conventional design, only that its features are now upgraded. Everything in it is natural. You can use this knife for both outdoor and kitchen cutting tasks. In both cases, you will experience the best performance you have ever had with a knife. The knife comes with a holding stand.

As the name implies, the knife’s handle utilizes a natural bone. The bone grows naturally on the moose’s head. Therefore, the grip is strong enough to last very long. You can be sure that this product is of high quality. The blade size is 5 ¾ inches, easily fitting most chopping boards. Its handle is not of wood or plastic like most knives, making this model unique.


  • Its overall outlook is appealing
  • The knife comes with its stand
  • Its construction is very sturdy


  • The handle is large for, small hand users

Things To Consider for the Best Ulu Knife

Most ulu knives are excellent. However, different models fit different users. Determine what you need to achieve, and you will get the best knife.


When looking for the size, consider both the blade’s and handle’s size. There are small and large handle ulu knife models. For large-hand users, go for a large handle. The blade should also be big enough to handle the most challenging cutting tasks.


What tasks do you want to accomplish with the knife? Different models have different purposes. You can get a knife for indoor or outdoor use. Others are perfect for chopping and not mincing. Therefore determine the meaning. There are still versatile models that can be great choices.


A knife model that is straightforward to maintain is the best. Choose a model that is easy to clean and hone. These two are the leading maintenance activities for most knives. The best thing is that most ulu knife models require little maintenance. It also can use knife oil for better care.


Ulu knives are of different types. There is the Alaskan, east Greenlandic, Canadian, and West Greenlandic. Each type has its unique design, depending on its origin. All the varieties are excellent. However, most people like the Alaskan type more. The Alaskan type also has many models which you can choose from.


In this case, the handle and blade material matter. A few years ago, the ulu knives were made using natural materials like rocks and bone. In the present day, the best material for the blade is stainless steel metal. The best handle material is hardwood.

FAQ for The Best Ulu Knife

What is an Ulu Knife?

An Ulu Knife is a traditional Inuit knife with a distinctive crescent shape. It is typically used for various tasks, such as skinning and cleaning games, preparing food, and making clothing and tools.

What are the different parts of an Ulu Knife?

The other parts of an Ulu Knife include the blade, handle, and pivot. The blade is the crescent-shaped cutting edge, while the handle is the part you hold. The pivot is where the blade and handle meet, allowing the blade to rotate.

What are the benefits of using an Ulu Knife?

An Ulu Knife is versatile, easy to use, and can be used for many tasks. Its crescent-shaped blade allows for efficient cutting and the ability to apply pressure with the entire blade. It also requires less wrist movement than a traditional knife, making it more ergonomic.

What materials are Ulu Knives made of?

Ulu Knives are typically made of high-quality steel, such as stainless steel or carbon steel, with handles made of wood, bone, or antler. Some Ulu Knives may also be made of other materials, such as ceramics or plastic.

How should I sharpen my Ulu Knife?

Sharpening an Ulu Knife requires a sharpening stone or sharpening steel. Start by honing the blade to restore its edge, then use the stone or steel to sharpen it to a fine blade.

What is the difference between an Ulu Knife and a regular knife?

An Ulu Knife has a distinctive crescent-shaped blade and pivot point, while a standard knife has a straight blade and handle. The crescent-shaped blade and pivot point of an Ulu Knife allows for efficient cutting and make it easier to apply pressure with the entire blade.

Final Verdict

The Ulu knives are great memories of the past times. However, they have proved to be useful even in the present day. All the types you have seen in the reviews are perfect, depending on your preference. Our top type today is any Alaskan Ulu knife due to its excellent quality and design. Let’s embrace these traditional tools in a modern way.

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