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Were you looking for the best hook knife for spoon carving? Well, you are on the right page, as this article got you. One of the most important things you should consider is sharpness and the ability to hold the edge to make spoon carving easier.

Finding the right hook knife might be a hassle. But if you have the right information, it will be an easy task.

What is a Hook Knife

A hook knife is a specialized carving tool used in woodworking and spoon carving. It has a curved blade that is sharpened on one side and a handle on the other. The curved blade allows the carver to make curved cuts and hollow out the inside of spoons and bowls.

The handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing the carver to make precise cuts with control. Hook knives are an essential tool for spoon carvers, making it easier to shape and smooth curves in the wood.

Importance of Hook Knife in Spoon Carving

The hook knife is important in spoon carving because it allows the carver to shape and smooth the curves and hollows of the spoon. The curved blade of the hook knife allows for precise cuts in tight spaces, making it easier to create the desired shape. The handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing the carver to make precise cuts with control.

The hook knife is versatile and can be used to carve other objects besides spoons, such as bowls, ladles, and Lukas. In summary, a hook knife is a crucial tool for spoon carvers, enabling them to create intricate and well-defined shapes easily and precisely.

Types of Hook Knives

There are two main types of hook knives: straight and curved.

Straight Hook Knife: A straight hook knife has a sharp blade on one side. It is used for making straight cuts and flat surfaces.

Curved Hook Knife: A curved hook knife has a curved blade that is sharpened on one side. It is used for making curved cuts and rounded surfaces, such as the inside of spoons and bowls. The curved blade allows the carver to reach tight spaces and make precise cuts.

Both hook knives have a handle on the opposite end of the blade, providing a comfortable grip for the carver. The choice between a straight or curved hook knife will depend on the carver’s specific carving needs and preferences.

Top 5 Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

We have provided you with some of the products you need to consider in the market. The review also includes the pros and cons to give more insights into the product. Read on to find our top recommendations.

10 Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving – Reviews

1. BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1

It is a wood carving hook knife with a sharp blade that carves items expertly. It produces excellent and clean cuts on all types of wood material. Its design allows for quick and accurate cuts, thus creating engagement on the item’s edge.

The blade consists of carbon steel material which is durable and sturdy. Additionally, the device does not rust easily, and you can easily sharpen the knife for effective use.

Besides, it features a full tang blade inbuilt into the handle, giving more strength and stability when handling the knife. Moreover, its handle is ergonomic since it features hardwood from oak mixed with linseed oil. Furthermore, this feature improves your comfort when carving and prevents fatigue.


  • It is a multi-purpose type of knife
  • The knife consists of materials that are durable thus, long-lasting
  • It is suitable for bowl and spoon carving
  • The hook knife is sharp and comes with a reliable blade
  • It is lightweight to enhance the carving


  • Its design is only ideal for carving small items such as spoons, bowls among others
  • The hook knife might be complicated for beginners in carving
  • It does not feature a knife protection                

2. Flexcut Single Bevel Sloyd Hook Knife (KN52)

It is one of the best wood carving tools for making hollows in bowls and spoons. Its highly durable constructed blade makes beautiful and smooth cuts on your carving items. Besides, the blade is made up of long-lasting carbon steel material.

The tool’s design comprises a deep curve at the tip, which is pointed to enhance functionality. Moreover, its handle comes with a round design and a smooth finish. The blade runs through the handle; thus, the knife has a full tangle design. The design helps to improve strength and feeling when holding the tool.

Besides, it has a length of about 8 inches long. Therefore it might be the longest hook knife on the market. The feature also increases control of the device and ease of use.


  • It features a high-quality, durable handle
  • The blade of the knife has a perfect fit
  • It is suitable for hallowing bowls and spoons
  • The hook knife has a long handle which makes it is more user-friendly
  • Its blade is sturdy and sharp


  • It tends to be a little weightier as compared to the light ones
  • It offers a small circumference
  • It comes at a high price

3. Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook Knife

The tool is best as it features a handle of cherry material. The material does not stain easily and gives a great feeling when carving. The hook knife also consists of a brass ferrule material that joins the handle and blade together to ensure it is tight and won’t come off quickly.

It also enhances the strength of handling the tool. The blade runs through the handle to offer comfort when working with the knife. It is essential to know that this tool is slightly larger than the small ones in the market.

The sharp blade is perfect for scooping out convex surfaces from items. It also consists of manganese alloy steel which holds and makes significant edges. The length of the blade is 2 inches long and has a radius of 1 inch that is curved and hence does not taper along its length.


  • Its material perfectly resists corrosion
  • The blade offers fine and accurate cuts
  • It is a long-lasting tool
  • The device is mostly suitable for left-handed personnel
  • It comes with a comfortable handle


  • Its edge might be too narrow
  • It does not feature a sheath
  • It tends to be expensive

4. Wood Carving Hook Knife

The tool features material that enables it to handle repeated use effectively. Its handle consists of hardwood oak, a mixture of linseed oil that increases the device’s long-term service. Besides, the blades consist of high-quality carbon steel material, which provides firmness. Moreover, it helps the knife cut through hard and sturdy wood.

The tip end of the blade is sharp and pointed, which makes the carver offer a durable cutting edge. Moreover, the carver is suitable for concave shapes and round edges types of wood projects. The blade is highly polished to deliver better results if you intend to achieve a sharp edge.

The size and design of the handle make it easy to handle many projects without being fatigued. Additionally, the tool is perfect for whittling, wood carving projects, and roughing wood out.


  • It has sharp cutting edges, which enhance penetration into the wood items
  • The knife provides shiny, smooth and accurate cuts
  • It has an ergonomic handle for comfortability
  • It comes already sharpened and polished


  • It is only suitable for right-handed users
  • The blade is very basic in construction
  • At times it might not offer reliable cuts

5. Elemental Tools Wood Spoon Carving Knife

The tool comes with features ideal for beginners or adding skills to your professional carving tools. Besides, the device comes with great design and construction. It also features a walnut handle that fits perfectly to allow the user to enjoy the comfort of using the tool.

It also features a high-carbon steel material that is durable and enhances its performance. It also comes when sharply sharpened to allow immediate use. The design and shape of the blade will enable the user to make smooth and accurate cuts in the material.

The crook knife fits well in the handle and gives ample time for more hours. It is an excellent hallowing tool or rounded feature in most wood projects. Besides, it is suitable for carving spoons, kuksa wood cups, and bowls.


  • It provides a great feeling on the hands
  • The knife comes with an excellent casing material
  • It is excellent for both beginners and experts
  • The hook knife comes with high carbon steel blades
  • It is excellent for various carving projects


  • The knife tends to break easily
  • It needs pre sharpening before use

6. DUGATO Wood Carving Tools Set for Spoon Carving

Consider this tool if you need help determining where to begin your woodworking carving. The tool comes with a sharpening leather strap and a tool pouch for storage. It has a set of tools to enhance the knife’s performance.

Additionally, it features premium-quality wood as a handle. It features long-lasting hardwood oak and offers a great feeling on the hands when working with the hook knife. The top also features stainless steel, which has an excellent edge performance.

It also can resist corrosion, thus making the knife last long. Dugato is useful in sharpening and hallowing spoons, bowls, Lukas, and cups, which come with round edges. It is easy to use the type of tool as it blades easily from its first day of purchase.


  • The tool does not need sharpening before use
  • It consists of high carbon steel material that is durable
  • The set of the device is ideal for beginners
  • The blade is very sharp and sturdy                    


  • The handle of the tool tends to be too small thus might inconvenience some users

7. ETEPON Wood Carving Knife Hook Knife

The product has tools, and its hook knife can cut and shape various wood carving projects. The knife is also well-sharpened and polished and has a thin tapered blade. The blade consists of carbon steel material that offers a firmness to the knife.

Additionally, the razor blade material also offers high resistance to corrosion, making it long-lasting. It can significantly handle most frequent use without causing wear and tear. The blades are even hardened and thus provide incredible cuts. Additionally, the knife’s cutting edge is smooth and sharp and gives shiny cuttings.

The knife is also suitable for professionals and beginners. With the curved areas of the hook knife, the tool can make rolling and sliced cuts. Its design allows you to work well on tight areas of any soft or hardwood material.


  • It has a hard, shiny blade
  • The tool is suitable for cutting any wood which has a delicate texture
  • Its handle is ergonomic and sturdy
  • The blade consists of high-quality materials
  • Efficiently gives incredible wood carving results


  • The blade of the knife is single-edged therefore you need to use it single-handedly.

8. STAMESKY Wood Carving Scorp Hook Knife

It has a round shape that is great for bowls or any piece of wood. Besides, initially, its design is suitable for concave shapes. It can perfectly carve spoons, bowls, or cups. The construction of the circular knife is ideal for carving wood projects to bring about accurate and quick cuts.

The blade features high-quality carbon steel material that is tough and sturdy to enhance durability. The handle consists of hardwood oak with a round shape at its edge. The handle material is friendly and allows you to work well without fatigue.

The rounded knife comes when it is polished and sharpened, and thus you can use it immediately. The tool’s cutting side is sharp, thus allowing you to cut softwoods. It is also durable and suitable for cutting hardwoods. It is also double-edged, so it accommodates both right and left-handed carvers.


  • The knife is suitable for bowls
  • It keeps a sharp right edge
  • The device offers excellent cuts into the material
  • It is ideal for rounding out projects


  • The handle material is not that good
  • The blade of the knife is not so sharp

9. CJRSLRB 3Pcs Wood Carving Tools Set

It features a high-quality wood handle which gives an excellent feeling on your hands when carving. The material feels well, and you can correctly hold the tool for long working hours. The hook knife is also suitable for cutting delicate wood and craving small details.

The design of the knife is excellent for many wood-cutting projects. It comes with a set of knives such as a straight-like blade which is ideal for roughing put wood, whittling, and woodworking. The spoon knife is suitable for spoon and bowl carving. It is also great for hallowing out spoons and bowls.

It also depends on the task you want the hook knife to achieve. It also features a carbon steel blade that makes accurate and smooth cuts in wood. The edge is sharp, and after carving the item, it leaves shiny cuts.


  • It comes with very sharp blades
  • The hook knife features an excellent set best for detailing
  • Its size fits well in the hands and offers a smooth touch
  • It has a comfortable handle           
  • The knife is excellent for any woodworking projects


  • The quality of the steel might not be of standards
  • The edge does not perform at its best

10. SZQHT Wood Carving Hook Knives

The product comes as a set of tools and thus comes with a hook knife and a sloyd knife. The sloyd knife is a straight type of knife that enhances the cutting of wood material. The carving blade is made up of durable materials that can withstand frequent use. It features a hardwood oak mixed with linseed knife oil that makes up the handle.

With such material, you can work without getting blisters on your hand as the material provides comfort to the hands. The blade features a stainless steel material that has an excellent edge performance. The razor is very sharp and perfectly fits in the handle, which gives it firmness.

Besides, since the product is a single-edged blade, it is best for making pull cuts when using the right hand and push cuts when using the left hand. The cutting edge is sharp, which allows for cutting on softwood.


  • You can easily sharpen the blade, and it stays sharp
  • They are the best knives for softwoods
  • It provides a comfortable and sturdy when feeling when you hold the tool
  • The blade metal is sturdy and of quality
  • It makes the job quicker          


  • Its packing case tends to be slightly bigger       

Things to consider for Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

When purchasing an item, you need to be sure of the kind of tool you need to purchase. Therefore, avoid going through the frustrations of buying a device that will not suit your needs. That is why we have this guide, which will help you get the right tool. Here are some of the essential tips you need to put into consideration.

The length of the blade

It is essential to consider the range of the tool as the internal radius affects its performance. For instance, a short blade length tends to produce delicate carvings compared to a long one. Additionally, small blades are easy to reach and hard to target areas. However, when working with larger pieces of wood, you will need a long knife. Therefore consider the length of a workpiece before you purchase any blade length.

Single or double edges

Regarding the edge type, both edges are high depending on the kind of project. Additionally, consider both advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.


The tool’s handles should be well designed to help prevent injuries that the device might cause on your hands. One of the essential tips you should consider is finding the right tool with a high handle. Besides, it would help if you also considered finding the right handle width and length of your preference.


A sheath doesn’t affect performance but affects the user’s experience with the tool. A product that features a sheath is easy to carry and around. Besides, it helps reduce the risks of accidents that might occur.

Hook Knife for Spoon Carving FAQ

What is a hook knife used for in spoon carving?

Hook knives are used for carving the inside of spoons and bowls, shaping and smoothing curves and hollows.

What is the difference between a straight and a curved hook knife? 

Straight hook knives are used for straight cuts and flat surfaces, while curved hook knives are used for curved cuts and rounded surfaces.

What type of wood is best for spoon carving?

Softwoods such as basswood, butternut, and aspen are best for spoon carving as they are easier to carve and have a finer grain.

How do I sharpen a hook knife?

Hook knives can be sharpened using a honing stone or a leather strop.

What safety precautions should I take when using a hook knife?

Always wear protective gloves and eye protection, keep the blade sharp, and always carve away from your body.

How do I maintain my hook knife?

Clean and oil the blade after use, store it in a dry place, and sharpen it regularly.

Can a hook knife be used for carving other objects besides spoons?

Yes, You can use a hook knife for carving other objects such as bowls, spoons, and Lukas.

Final Verdict

The above tools are some of the best hook knives for spoon carving. Therefore as a woodcarver, you should understand that this type of tool is right for various carving techniques. However, the market has different tools that might waste your pennies. Therefore you need to be vigilant about the type of hook knife you purchase. The above products are built to last. The review was helpful!

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