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The massage chair was launched on the consumer market in the late 1980s and was designed to mimic the movements and strategies of real connectors. The massage chair is designed to relieve pain, tension, and pain in the footsteps.

Although massage chairs are gradually increasing, the technology increases interest after a decade, so that competitors find the most effective models. Just need to Known & collected best massage chair for you.

Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800 Review

Enjoy the therapeutic effects of a massage using the Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair. The excellent design allows for two recline zero gravity positions and it also computerized massage chair.

These positions relieve pressure from all the body parts leaving the airbags and the rollers to take charge. The massage chair scans the body size and customizes your massage. Also, the air bags stretch the body by inflating separately.

Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair

The design has a built-in castor that allows for easy movement. Amazing is the four auto programs. Each program has five variants of body massage. The variants are the neck to waist, waist to lower back, lower back to the buttock, neck to the buttock, and buttock to lower back.

36 airbags and 4 L track rollers work to give you the best massage. You can adjust the speed and pressure through three levels. There is also a heating technology for the back and the feet. The footrest adjusts to fit your body height. There is also a stretch function that stretches the whole body vertically.


  • Castor allows for easy movement
  • Two recline zero gravity positions
  • 4 L track rollers
  • 36 airbags
  • Four auto programs with five variants of massage portions of body
  • Speed and pressure adjustments
  • Computerized body scan


  • The sides of the chair are not assembled during delivery
  • There is not enough padding on the foot rollers

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