Best Lazy Boy Recliners for Back Pain, Sleeping & Tall Men

The lazy boy has won the hearts of many homeowners and businesses for a long time now. Being one of the industry’s oldest and most recognized names in recliners, this company invented contemporary recliner. It is a reputable world brand that craft excellent furniture for a wide variety of use.

Homes and offices have benefited from their wide assortment of furniture and related products since 1927. They have gotten better with years, and today they continue to produce some of the most excellent furniture money can buy. You are about to found out our top picks of the best lazy boy recliner & covers reviews.

Best Lazy Boy Recliners for Best Use

Why Lazy Boy Recliner Is Best For Back Pain?

Most of them are designed to soothe back pain symptoms and ease them accordingly. They are innovatively designed to provide the best therapy to your ailing back. Likewise, the head, neck, and back are well positioned and supported. Some also offer a massage feature that helps to ease back pain. Its not fully a massage chair but a comfortable and relaxed chair.

Why Lazy Boy Recliner Is Best For Sleeping?

Its design automatically makes it suitable for sleeping. The level of comfort that these recliners provide makes them perfect for relaxing. You can recline it and lift your foot for the best napping position. It gives just the right environment for a peaceful sleep at any time of the day.

Are Tall Men Able To Enjoy The Lazy Boy Recliner?

Yes. Tall people can also enjoy the comfort of recliners. You can choose recliners according to your size since there is a great variety out there. If you are tall, you can get one that best suits your extra height. Most recliners are designed for people of different sizes.

5 Best Lazy Boy Recliner Reviews

With the many lazy by recliners on the market, it can be tough to determine which one suits your needs. We have researched and analyzed different lazy boy recliners on the market today to help you pick the right one. Go through our detailed reviews and guide.

1. YODOLLA Electric Power Recliner Chair

This is a soft chair to grace your day. You can use it at home and even away in the office. It has a high back to enable you to lay your back without twisting. The whole part of the back is left to rest on the upper back. It has a thick layer of cushioning that makes it soft and comfy to give you a relaxing touch.

It has a remote which you can be used to control the chair. This is an advantage for older people as well as pregnant women. These people usually have trouble lifting their body from the chair. The chair is also robust and can accommodate a heavyweight of up to 320 lbs.

I like the USB port where you can charge your phone. You can use the side pockets to hold some items for ease of reach. The recliner also has two cup holders at the tip of the arms so you can put your glass of water at hand reach. The massage system can be relaxing for your tired body. The heating system is also a feature of great use when warmth is needed.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install with the help of clear instructions
  • Makes standing up easier
  • A remote control makes its use easier
  • Has USB outlets


  • Feels awkward for people with a back injury

2. Power Lift Recliner, Fitness club

This chair uses a remote control to move the chair up or down. Therefore, it suits the needs of a user. The footrest can be elevated, moved forward or backward. The chair supports the whole length of the body. Two inbuilt massage points in the chair just for you. Weight capacity of 350lbs to support your weight.

There is a very soft padding that soothes you since you want to relax. Leather is a quality material that lasts for ages and is easy to clean.  It is a good chair when space is a challenge, and you want to use most of the little available one. It provides simple guidelines to help you set up the chair into a full piece.

The high density is an excellent feature that makes the chair stay comfortable for an extended period. With the modern design, it gives the recliner a classic appealing look. 12-months warranty just to make sure the recliner chair is worth the money you spend. Jump in your recliner whenever you are tired and looking for relaxation.


  • Made of high quality bonded leather
  • Provide extra comfort
  • Can support a massive weight of up to 350 pounds
  • Built-in massage points
  • Ideal for elderly people


  • Poor craftsmanship

3. Yosoo Modern PU Leather Recliner Chair

One of its most extraordinary qualities of this recliner is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of environments, including at home, in bars, and other business establishments. You can benefit from its high daylight resistance and use it in the outdoors too. It is one of a kind recliner that offers the best you can ever need from such furniture.

It boasts a modern design that is completed with a refined exterior. What you get is a stylish, high-quality recliner that everyone would admire. That way, it not only provides the utmost comfort but also improves the look of your house or commercial establishment. It features a more welcoming design.

It has both reclining back and foot extension functions that can be activated by a press of a button. Therefore, if you are seeking relaxation and enjoyment every moment of it, this recliner will give you just that. Besides, it is straightforward to install. You DIY without tools.


  • Excellent daylight resistance
  • Contemporary design and elegant
  • Easy to install
  • Made of high-quality PU material
  • Refined exterior


  • Narrow design

4. Boon Earthie Lazy Boys Recliner

This is a massage recliner sofa with lots of contemporary features. It is innovatively designed to help you relax more satisfyingly. The combine fashion and functionality to give you the best relaxation moments you can ever need. It relaxes your body and provides continuous service.

Likewise, this chair has a retractable footrest that helps elevate your foot to the most preferred position. It also has an adjustable backrest to support you to lie in the most relaxing position based on your choice. Therefore, you can read or simply meditate while lying comfortably on the sofa. It is an excellent furniture for taking a quick nap too.

It is ergonomically designed to provide an appropriate level of support to your neck, back, arms, and legs. This way, it ensures that no part is strained at any particular time and in any specific position. That is also how it provides the utmost comfort. Even more impressive is its message capability. This chair features a 4-point massage system together with five modes of vibrating massages. This quality ensures that you get relief from the tiredness of anxiety.


  • Provides massage
  • Satisfy different rest requirements
  • Features 4-point massage system
  • Conforms to ergonomic principles
  • Suitable for napping


  • Complex design

5. La-Z-Boy Calvin PowerReclineXR

This one of the best recliners you can ever find. It has been handcrafted by some of the best experts in the industry.  Therefore, you can see the perfection in every single aspect of its design. This is a power recliner sofa and is ultra-comfortable. Its slit back design help you have the best relaxing moment. It also has generously padded arms.

It smoothly rocks and reclines so quickly, and that is what makes it so comfortable. Every moment you spend on it will be a relishing one. To make it happen, you simply press a button and voila; it will recline and raise your feet automatically. This moment or process is as enjoyable as the new position in which it puts you.

It is generally easy to use and maintain. Since it is also made from some of the best materials, it will be gentle on your skin, and that increases comfort. This recliner is also very long-lasting. It will, therefore, serve you for many years to come. It has a built-in USB port for powering your tablet or smartphone.


  • Built-in USB port for charging tablet and smartphone
  • Rocks and reclines and therefore maximizes comfort
  • Easy to operate with a button
  • High-quality parts
  • Durable


  • Slightly buzzing noise from the motor

Best Lazy Boy Recliner Covers

1. TIKAMI Recliner Slipcovers Stretch Printed Chair Covers

You can improve the ergonomics of your sofa with this high-quality cover. It will not only improve the looks of your chair but that of the entire room too. Made of eighty-five percent polyester and fifteen percent spandex, you can count on it to offer secure protection for your recliner sofa. It is of the right size and would, therefore, provide the perfect fit covering for the same sized sofa.

This recliner covers fits most normal sizes. Since it stretches, it is more likely to fit perfectly every time and for most recliner sizes. It also features a stylish print fabric. The decorations improve its quality a great deal too. The patterns are elegant and would give your recliner a new look.

This cover would perform magic on an old recliner sofa by giving it a classy look and make it look like it is still new. It has a side pocket on its left. The compartment serves as the perfect place to put and store stuff. Besides, it offers protective features and therefore prevents your sofa from being messed by stains and spills.


  • Fits up to normal-sized recliners
  • Has a side pocket
  • The cover stretches
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Beautiful decoration


  • Does not fit slightly larger sofas

2. subrtex Chair Slipcover Stretch Lazy Boy

Do you want to protect your valuable furniture? Well, this cover will be a great one to try out. It not only protects your recliner very well but also ensures that every moment you spend on the sofa is a comfortable one. It is made of high-quality fabric. The material boasts high elasticity, which helps in making sure that the cover fits perfectly on most sofa sizes.

It also features a side pocket where you can shove in your book or pen or phone for more convenience. That way, it makes your life easier and more comfortable while sitting on the sofa. For installation, there are instructions and or videos provided to guide you. You can follow the steps to install it on your own.

Likewise, this cover offers steadfast protection to your furniture. It is durable and does not wear and tear quickly. It also protects the furniture from wear and tear, as well as spillage and staining elements. You can take it off easily and wash it at any time. Besides, it is machine washable.


  • Offer excellent elasticity
  • The cover is super soft
  • Strategically placed side pocket
  • Protects your furniture
  • Gives the recliner a brand new look


  • It may have some saggy loose bits

3. Stretch to Fit One-Piece Lazy Boy Chair

This is a technologically created cover that also enhances the comfort level of your sofa. It is made up of a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex, each in their capacity. A mixture of 49 percent cotton, 48 percent polyester, and 3 percent spandex makes an excellent cover that provides both durability and comfort.

It provides 360 degrees of total protection, preventing your sofa from anything that could destroy its quality. You can count on it to keep your recliner safe from abrasion, stains, and spills at all times. The slipcover comfortably stays into place. It does not slide thanks to its elastic straps, which should be wound on hooks situated at the bottom of the recliner.

There is a utility pocket on one side. You can put your magazines and newspaper in the pocket for easy access when you need to use them. You will love its wrinkle-resistant nature too. Wrinkles often interfere with beauty and comfort. Therefore, there is none of it when this cover is used.


  • Provides 360-degree comprehensive protection
  • Protects your furniture from pets, kids and spills
  • Wrinkle-resistant design
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Has straps to prevent it from sliding off the chair


  • It still slides when you get up

4. Subrtex Stretch Rocking Recliner Slipcover

These are high-quality material covers meant to last long. They fit perfectly on the recliner and adds comfort to you. It is also elastic so that it can stretch to fit any size of the chair. There is a pocket on the side of the chair that can be used to hold items like car keys, remote, and a book. You can read as you relax or change the channel with your remote at a reach-without-moving point.

Some instructions guide you as you dress up your recliner. The cover saves you from countering tough stains directly on the chair. Using the sheets keeps your recliner new, and prevent it from growing old.

It is simple to put on the cover with little adjustments. Taking it off is as easy as taking off a shirt. The good thing with this fabric is that it is easy to clean since it can be washed in a washing machine. This also means it is okay for a home with playful kids because it can be cleaned whenever it gets dirty.


  • High-quality material and creation
  • Makes the recliner more attractive
  • Perfect for a home with children and pets
  • It makes your life more convenient
  • Easy to install


  • Installation requires some work

5. MarCielo One Piece Stretch Recliner

This recliner cover comes with a variety of incredible characteristics that make it serve its purpose very well. It adds significant value to your furniture and helps give your home a more contemporary look. It is made from well-chosen materials, hence offer the best possible protection to a valued recliner. If you have kids and pets, this recliner cover will help you keep your sofa safe from them.

This is one of those recliner covers that give you options in terms of colors. You can find your favorite color from the wide variety that is available, including beige, blue, black, dark taupe, chocolate, burgundy, and gray. Since it fits most recliners, you can be sure that it is always an accurate buy.

This cover is a stretch knitted fabric that is composed of 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex. It has excellent quality and would shield your pricey sofa from scratches, spills, and stains. It is machine washable and easy to maintain. Setting it up is easy and can be done by anyone who can follow instructions well.


  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Machine washable
  • Wrinkle-resistant design
  • Fits most recliners
  • Provide 360-degree comprehensive protection


  • It is heavy

Things to Consider

To help you get a personalized product, we have also included some essential buying tips. Go through them before you make the final decision so that you can choose product that meets your needs.

The design of the recliner

These types of chairs come in different designs. You just have to choose the design depending on your taste. The divided back type is a good chair since it is made to support the lower part and the upper part of the back separately. Classic people will want an appealing recliner while the less conscious will forego the design and matching of colors. Rocking or fixed design will give you a choice.

The size of the user

You have to choose a recliner that you fit in comfortably. Go for a type that can withstand your weight without straining so that it can give you comfort. If you have a large body, you can go for the thick recliner. The slim people will be comfortable in a petite recliner. The extra tall recliner will accommodate tall people as they can fit with the shoulders and neck at rest. For short people, they will do with small recliners.

The type of footrest

Everyone wants to elevate their feet for added comfort. The separate recliner with footrest supports the feet only the feet. Good thing it is adjustable and can be placed at any point, nearer or further from the user. The continuous footrest is built fixed on the chair. Footrest supports the whole legs to the feet. It limits the user since it cannot move; it is made at a fixed position, where the chair is facing. The footrest should be made of soft materials so that it does not tire or press the feet of the user.

The model of the recliner

Recliners are either run manually or powered. The manual is the type that is adjusted with hands because it does not use electricity. The powered recliner run by just tapping a button. It is advantageous to physically challenged people as well as those with temporary back complications. There will be less straining for them. Powered types are the modern type embraced by many as compared to manual ones. Decide on what suits you well.


The material used will affect quality hence durability. The fabric that the recliner is made of affects durability. Leather is soft, easy to clean, and stain can easily be removed. This makes it durable. Aluminum frames are also preferred since they do not rust and are easy to clean by dusting. Just select the right material for your recliner.


Leather is costly because it is very durable and comfortable. Polyester can be cheaper. You will want to buy a good recliner. Make sure to choose an affordable recliner without sacrificing the quality because repairing can be costly. You can decide to buy a quality recliner despite the high price. This can help you forego extra costs in the future. Remember, not all expensive recliners are of high quality.

Support and comfort

How is the recliner supporting the relevant parts of your body? The armrest should be soft because that’s where you are resting your hands. The shoulder also needs to be padded so that you don’t feel discomfort. The entire recliner should cure back pain without causing more damages. Exhaustion from the daily tiring chores needs a good comforting sleep in a beautiful recliner.

Final Verdict

These products will save you from the troubles often caused by substandard products. The recliners mentioned above and covers are some of the best you can find on the market. Any of this would be an excellent deal to buy.

They are generally made from high-quality materials put together by unrivaled craftsmanship. If you have a back pain problem, there are several recliners here with or without massage features that can help you relax and get relief.

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