Sharp and Smart: Top Picks for the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

You need to keep your pencils sharp to enjoy the right performance. Whether a professional, artist, or student, you need to get the best electric pencil sharpener. These sharpeners provide you with an easy way of sharpening your pencils. Therefore, you don’t have to spend much time sharpening your pencils manually.

Since there are so many options for electric pencil sharpeners, how will you select the right one? Which are the most important features that will help you pick the best? We prepared this article to provide you with everything you need to know about these sharpeners.

We have reviewed the top 10 best models for great purchases this year. You can compare the features and benefits of each model and find out what makes them outstanding. After going through these reviews and guides, I hope you will not have trouble knowing which electric sharpener is right for you.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Comparison Table

Product Name Brand WeightDimensions
OfficePro Electric Pencil SharpenerOfficeline12.8 ounces5.3 x 4.2 x 3.1 inches
Tripworthy Electric Pencil Sharpener – Battery OperatedTripworthy6.9 ounces5 x 3 x 2 inches
School Smart Vertical Pencil SharpenerSchool Specialty2.9 pounds6.5 x 5 x 7.2 inches
BostitchQuietSharp 6 Heavy DutyBostitch Office1 pound10.6 x 6.1 x 9 inches
X-ACTO School Pro Classroom ElectricX-Acto1 pound8.5 x 8 x 5.7 inches
OfficeGoods Electric & Battery Operated Pencil SharpenerOfficeGoods8.5 ounces5 x 2 x 3.5 inches
Heavy Duty Electric Pencil SharpenerTeachingMart1 pound5.5 x 7.8 x 3.8 inches
SMARTRO Electric Pencil SharpenerSMARTRO6.9 ounces3 x 3.1 x 3.5 inches
X-ACTO XLR Electric Pencil SharpenerX-Acto1.6 pounds7.2 x 6 x 4 inches
LD Products Electric Pencil SharpenerLD Products12.8 ounces6.1 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches

10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews

The following are the top 10 reviews of our recommended electric pencil sharpeners. These are quality products that are designed with sharp and durable blades. Read on to find out which one is right for you.

1. OfficePro electric pencil sharpener

OfficePro sharpener has a stainless steel blade that is durable. On top of that, the blade is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is battery-operated, meaning you can always operate the pencil sharpener in places with no power.

The pencil sharpener has an auto-stop function, stopping the pencil sharpening operation once you get a perfect pointy tip. The pencil sharpener has safety features, and it’s child-friendly as it has a mechanism to stop its blades from working if you open the emptying tray.

Though the pencil sharpener uses batteries as a power source, a lack of batteries will make the device not work. This is because it has no alternative power input apart from the batteries. The only pencil that the machines can use is of standard sizes. Large pencils can’t fit into the sharpener. The operation of the pencil sharpener is a bit noisy.


  • Fast and efficient sharpening speed.
  • Portable since you can carry it easily
  • More affordable than other pencil sharpeners
  • Great for artists
  • Has auto-stop operation


  • Only work for standard-sized pencils
  • Only work with batteries.
  • A bit noisy.

2. Tripworthy electric pencil sharpener

This lightweight and small automatic pencil sharpener use a battery as its power source. This is a great machine for aspiring artists, students, and professionals to use. It can be used for a type of size two pencils and is a durable device as it will last longer.

The pencil sharpener is both adult and kid-friendly as it will stop its operations to protect the fingers of the user if any pies of it are plugged out. The pencil sharpener eliminates any time-wasting. It will sharpen the pencil as quickly as possible to give you a perfect tip. Additionally, it extends the pencil’s life by not sharpening excessively.

Due to the small size of the pencil sharpener and the use of batteries as a source of its power, the sharpener is mobile and can be used in any setting or environment. It is also ideal for any situation as it can sharpen colored pencils for artists and lead pencils.


  • Automatic, and it stops after the perfect sharpening is achieved
  • Clean shavings with no mess.
  • Kids-friendly.


  • It can’t sharpen pencils other the size two.
  • It only uses batteries as its power source.

3. School smart vertical pencil sharpener

This electric pencil sharpener is perfect for both school and office. It has a modern design and is designed with helical steel blades that sharpen your pencil perfectly. The pencil sharpener is designed with an auto-stop mechanism that will stop its operation once the perfect tip is achieved.

It features one hole and a heavy-duty motor to ensure the pencils are cared for. Thanks to the large shaving receptacle, you will not worry about cleaning the pencil sharpener after every use. It is user-friendly, with non-skid rubber pads to provide stable operation of the sharpener.

The electric sharpener is six by four inches, making it luggage and unsuitable to move around. The sharpener uses a plugged wire connected to a switch as its power source to run its motor. Without this, the sharpener can’t work like the battery-powered electric sharpeners.


  • The unit helical steel blade and the auto-stop are ideal for obtaining perfect tips.
  • The shaving receptacle tray is large and easily removable for cleaning.
  • The sharpener is affordable, making it perfect for school and office use.
  • It has a compact design.


  • It has a loud motor.
  • The pencil tends to break when sharpening.
  • The cuts on the blades are uneven.

4. Bostitch quiet sharp 6 classroom electric sharpener

The electronic sharpener allows students to sharpen their pencils effectively without disrupting their peers with any noise as a regular electronic pencil sharpener would. The pencil sharpener comes with six different-sized holes for sharpening various-sized pencils quickly and efficiently.

The sharpener is designed to provide a clean and precise sharpening to give you that required tip you want after sharpening your pencil. The pencil sharpener has a large collecting tray to make it easier to use several times before opening it to dispose of the waste produced by sharpening your pencils.

The motor of the sharpener has an auto-stop mechanism that will stop the blades when you have a perfect tip. Its motor is also seventy percent faster than the average motor to minimize time-wasting during sharpening. The pencil sharpener also has a safety mechanism that will stop the operations of the motor if any part of the sharpener is opened, making the machine safe for use with kids.


  • Less noisy than the average pencil sharpener.
  • It has six holes of different sizes for use with different types of pencils.
  • 70% faster than the average pencil sharpener.
  • Has a high-capacity tray for the collection of waste
  • Safe for kids, as the blades will stop when you open the sharpener.


  • I can’t replace the blades once they break.
  • Not good if you want a pointy tip.
  • Takes a long time to sharpen the pencil.

5. X-Acto school pro classroom electric pencil sharpener

The pencil sharpener is made for classroom use. It combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for dependable performance while sharpening a pencil. The sharpener features heavy-duty helical stainless steel blades. These blades will last longer than the average blade as they can withstand both rust and corrosion that comes over time. It is also made to stand up to wear and tear

The sharpener has a mighty electric motor that quietly delivers sharpening power. The motor also has an auto-reset function that helps the machine from overheating. The pencil sharpener is adjustable for six pencil sizes as it is efficient enough to sharpen the pencil to round tips and is made to serve classrooms.

The design of the sharpener is user-friendly and easy to use; the machine will fit in every classroom. The motor has an auto-stop mechanism that will stop sharpening when the pencil tips are well-rounded. The safety mechanism of the machine will make the motor stop its operation when you open the electric sharpener.


  • The pencil sharpener has a large collection compartment that can hold waste for longer before emptying it.
  • The sharpener is adjustable for six different sizes.
  • User-friendly and safe to use.
  • The machine is built with high-quality material that is more durable.


  • Not good if you want a pointy tip precision.
  • Can’t replace the blades

6. OfficeGoods electric and battery-operated pencil sharpener

This unique pencil sharpener is portable as you move with it from place to place with ease. The sharpener features three ways to power the device: a battery, an AC adapter, and a USB cord. The sharpener is built to sharpen size two pencils and many colored pencils.

The sharpener has a stainless steel blade which is designed to last longer.  It is averagely fast in its sharpening speed. You can choose between blunt, medium, or sharp points for the pencil. This is good because not many sharpeners offer a variety of choices on how to sharpen pencils.

The sharpener is quieter and safer to use as the motor does not produce much noise while sharpening, giving a more peaceful learning environment. The blades will stop working once you open any part of the sharpener.


  • It is designed with multiple modes of charging.
  • It is less noisy than a regular electric sharpener
  • Built with high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel blades.
  • It has a fast sharpening speed.


  • The waste compartment is relatively smaller.
  • Only sharpens one type of pencil
  • The sharp mode on the sharpener easily breaks the tip of the pencil.

7. Teachingmart heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener

This is an electric pencil sharpener with a stainless steel blade that is resistant to wear and tear. The sharpener will last longer even after using it for a long period. The sharpener also has an auto-restart mechanism that will prevent the machine from overheating even after multiple uses.

The sharpener works well for colored pencils, making it a perfect choice for adult coloring book artists. The sharpener is safe for classroom use since it is designed with a low and large footprint that ensures it doesn’t tip over.

You don’t have to disturb everyone around you when you are sharpening your pencils. This sharpener is powerful yet quiet. It is also easy to use, so kids can use it easily.


  • Ma high-quality material that is more durable.
  • The operation of the pencil sharpener is quieter
  • Easy to the empty receptacle.
  • Safe to use as the blades stop functioning when it is open.


  • Occupies are too safe. For this reason, it can’t be carried around.
  • It only sharpens one size of a pencil.
  • Relatively more expensive than the average pencil sharpener.

8. SMARTRO electric pencil sharpener

This sharpener tool is ideal for home, school, and the workplace. The sharpener features a compact design that makes drawing, coloring, and writing much easier.  This a must-kit for toy pencils and colored pencils as it is easy to use for both adults and children. The electronic sharpener has multiple power sources for ease of use: batteries and a USB outlet.

It has a two-hole design which is of different sizes, one of 6-8 mm and the other is of 9-12 mm. The pencil sharpener’s motor is quite powerful, sharpens pencils fast, and reaches a perfect point in 3-5 seconds. One of the designs of the sharpener is that its blades are replaceable and portable.

The sharpener is user-friendly and safe for use. Your child can use the sharpener without worry, as the device will not work if the cover is not removed or not installed the right way. So, you don’t have to worry about hurting your kid’s finger when he is using it without your supervision.


  • It offers a dual-hole design
  • Compact and portable.
  • Safe to use with kids even.
  • The sharpener is fast to use.


  • The blades will not last.
  • The waste compartment is small.
  • Only sharpen one size of pencil.

9. X-Acto XLR electric pencil sharpener

This stylish electric pencil sharpener is ideal for home or office use. The sharpener has heavy-duty stainless steel blades. The pencil is designed with technology that eliminates the over-sharpening of pencils to reduce the wastage of pencils. The sharpener uses an AC electric motor that operates quietly by not producing while sharpening pencils.

The sharpener has an auto rest function that enables the sharpener not to overheat. The design of the sharpener is user-friendly and easy to use. The motor has an auto-stop mechanism that will stop sharpening when the pencil tips have reached the required tip. The safety mechanism of the machine will make the motor stop its operation when you open the electric sharpener.

The sharpener is quieter and safer to use as the motor does not produce much noise while sharpening, giving a quieter environment for learning and working. The blades of the sharpener are of high quality and will last up to sixteen times the average blade.


  • It has a special mechanism that prevents the machine from over-sharpening.
  • It has a classier design
  • Built with high-quality material that makes it durable.
  • It has auto-reset and a safe start to help protect the sharpener and the user.


  • It uses only one type of power source; the absence of it makes the machine not valuable.
  • It can only sharpen one standard-size pencil.

10. LD Products electric pencil sharpener

This is an electric pencil sharpener built with a heavy-duty motor. The sharpener’s motor is quiet, so it will not cause any disturbance. It is small and light, thus easily portable. The sharpener has a three-setting switch for you to choose the preference you require, be it blunt, medium, or sharp.

It is also fast, as it takes only three seconds to sharpen. It can be used anywhere, whether it is at home, at school, or in the office. Either batteries or electricity can power it. This is because it comes with an AC power cable.

This electric pencil sharpener is safe to use because it has an auto-stop function that once the shaving tray is open, the blade stops. It is also versatile since you can sharpen colored pencils, drafting pencils, and charcoal pencils.


  • Easy to switch two-way power source
  • It has a rubber base that doesn’t slip, so the sharpener does not fall easily
  • Its batteries can be easily changed
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It can sharpen to the sharpness you desire


  • Can only sharpen one pencil at a go
  • It needs frequent emptying of the reservoir

Things to consider – Best Electric Pencil Sharpener

There are many models and brands of electric pencil sharpeners in the market. For you to acquire the best pencil sharpener, you must be able to know the specifics that you need. Here is a guide of specifics to help you acquire that ideal electric pencil sharpener:

Size of Your Pencil

Regardless of the size of the holes on a pencil sharpener. Always choose a unit that works with multiple sizes of pencils. While the standard diameter of pencils is 8 mm, some go up by 10.5 mm. You don’t want to use a manual sharpener because the sharpener acquired can only handle a specific pencil size.

The Lead Point

This guide is all about your preference for the tip of the pencil. It is whether you like the tip to be sharp or blunt when you sharpen. It’s necessary to choose an electric sharpener that gives your most preferred tip to avoid time-wasting during sharpening.

Construction Material

Materials used to manufacture the electric sharpener determine its durability. Always go for a unit that promises a long life, such as blades made of stainless steel. A metallic casing for the electric sharpener is ideal for multiple users, while a plastic casing is ideal for only personal use.


The graphite left by a sharpener on the wood might be of concern. If you prefer your pencil with a natural look, you need to check the amount of residue the electric sharpener leaves behind. The sharpener should have a large tray to collect the waste and be easy to dismount to remove the dirt in the sharpener.

Sharpening Angle

The sharpening angle on lead points will determine the tip you end up with. Sharpeners with a slight angle will give you studier lead points with less breakage. The best electric sharpener should have a sharpening angle of 74 degrees.

FAQ for Electric Pencil Sharpener

How does an electric pencil sharpener work?

An electric pencil sharpener uses a motor and a sharpening mechanism to sharpen the pencil to a fine point.

Can an electric pencil sharpener sharpen colored pencils?

Some electric pencil sharpeners are designed to sharpen colored pencils, but others may not be able to do so. It is best to check the product specifications before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

How do I clean my electric pencil sharpener?

You can clean most electric pencil sharpeners by removing the sharpening mechanism and cleaning it with a brush or cloth. Refer to the product manual for specific cleaning instructions.

Can an electric pencil sharpener be used with different size pencils?

Some electric pencil sharpeners are adjustable and can be used with different size pencils, while others may only work with standard-size pencils.

How do I know when my electric pencil sharpener needs to be emptied?

Most electric pencil sharpeners have a receptacle for the shavings; when it is complete, it will need to be emptied. Some models may also have an indicator light that alerts you when the receptacle needs to be emptied.

Final Verdict

Everyone’s need for an electric pencil sharpener can vary. It is choosing the best electronic sharpener that works well in most situations. For primary use, always choose an electric sharpener that has an attractive appearance. This is why you would be proud to use it at home and even bring it to work.

The size of the sharpener is also pivotal to the selection process. The small sharpener is suitable for selecting a lightweight, as you can carry it around with your work.

An excellent electric sharpener is made of good-quality blades. They should be stainless steel and can sharpen different types and sizes of pencils. It should be easy to disassemble and remove waste by cleaning and maintenance. The pencil sharpener should also produce minimal noise while operating.

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