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TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Review – Great Hiking Backpack

So, you need a durable, sturdy and comfortable mid-size bag for backpacking a few days or a week at a time. Maybe you need it to double as a hiking & working backpack for use over back-to-back months on end for field work or WWOOFing it on some World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms as a volunteer. The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 65-liter internal frame camping backpack is a surprisingly affordable, mid-line product packed with quality that delivers long-term use for a variety of purposes without busting the wallet.

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Review

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

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When adjusted correctly, the Teton 4000 camping backpack is very comfortable for a variety of body types and torsos from tall and big to kid-size.

  • Generous padding in the lumbar area, waist belts, and shoulder straps eliminate chaffing. Mesh airflow system maximizes air circulation to reduce heat and sweat at the lower back and keep you drier.
  • Internal frame support system and bendable, dual aluminum stays that mold to the contour of your back enhances this zone with comfort while in motion. Contoured hip pads give more comfort where the body carries most of the weight of the backpack. You can keep the weight off your shoulders and centered on your back and waist by adjusting it lower in the pack.
  • Fully adjustable torso and shoulder straps for a wide range of heights have lots of slack to pull for adjusting.
  • Four compression straps keep everything anchored securely in the upper and lower gear loops.


  • Did somebody say daisy chain loops? This one has it! These exterior loops store multiple poles and tools in a way that keeps the weight more evenly distributed.
  • Six pockets keep smaller items organized while the main compartment accommodates larger or bulky equipment.
  • Three mesh pockets allow extra storage.
  • Multiple zippered exterior storage pockets, loops, mesh pouches and hooks keep everything in place.

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

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  • The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 bag has waterproof zippers, and a bright yellow, built in rainfly keeps the entire bag dry in seriously wet weather. As with most backpacks, it is not big enough to cover the pack with bulky items strapped on, so bring enough waterproof bags for bulky or sensitive items.
  • Two loops for walking sticks and side, top, and bottom zippered pockets keep hiking essentials within easy reach.
  • Detailed instructions guide you how to adjust all the straps to get the best fit for different body types sporting this awesome camping backpack.
  • Two loops for walking sticks and side, top, and bottom zippered pockets keep hiking essentials within easy reach.
  • Detailed instructions guide you how to adjust all the straps to get the best fit for different body types sporting this awesome camping backpack.


  • Seams for zippers, straps, and buckles sometimes bust. Carry spares or a repair kit for sewing awl and duct tape.
  • Left side pockets stacked on top of each other can be hard to get to the bottom one when the top one is filled.
  • This pack cannot be carried on board airplane but must be checked as baggage, so pack sparingly to avoid paying extra if it is overweight.

Features That Make The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack Stand Out

  • Double-stitched construction of open-cell foam reinforces the durability of its 600D Diamond Ripstop shell. This versatile, lightweight material is woven with a beautiful diamond pattern and cross-dyed construction to give it a sophisticated look, then finished with a polyurethane coating for a durable water-resistant fabric shell. The coating does not make it waterproof but lets water bead and roll off fast.
  • This sturdy camping backpack can be adjusted to fit tall and large body types or a young child. The comfortable, padded waist belt is 70 inches with generous, locking hip straps, but you can buy nylon webbing and buckles from local stores to make an extension if needed.
  • An inside sleeve is big enough for a laptop.
  • Easy access, hydration system-ready pouch holds up to three liters with a Velcro hook to hang it on, dedicated holes at the top of the back wall for drinking tubes and a clip on the shoulder strap. Hydration tube bungees on each shoulder strap contribute convenience while in motion.
  • Pass-through side pockets carry fishing poles and tools without interfering with using the pockets.
  • Although used mainly for short hiking trips under seven days, packed properly with essentials only, it should be good to go as long as four weeks before having to make a supply run which makes the double barrel-lock cinch cords for the main storage compartment especially important.

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

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Dimensions 32 inches X 18 inches X 12 inches
Capacity 65 Liters / 4000 Cubic inches
Liquid Volume 101.4 Fluid ounces
Weight 5.5 pounds
Adjustable torso 19 inches – 23 inches adjusts for heights from six feet, four inches tall to five feet, one inch tall.

Winding Down

While this pack weighs near the top of its mid-size range, it is not hard to keep it at a manageable 55 pounds when fully packed. Its weaknesses are nothing different than most backpacks and easily compensated with normal supplies. The rugged fabric and double-stitch construction with attractive metallic gray shell could make the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 one of the best Teton camping backpacks you will own for backpacking travels on land and water. So, suit up, pack up and get moving on your next “best adventure” ever–and the one after that.

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