Pure Wave cm7 Massager Reviews – Great Handheld Massager

We all have aches and pains daily, and nothing helps remove those pains like a good massage. Professional massage sessions are costly, and the time taken to schedule one may not allow you to get one every day. The next best thing to having a personal masseuse appointment every day is purchasing an electric massager that anyone can use at home.

The Pure Wave cm7 Massager Reviews

The pure wave cm7 massager are two different types versions-

1. Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager

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2. Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Massager Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme

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That’s where the Pure Wave CM7 massager fits in perfectly. This handheld massager can release muscle tension, help with joint stiffness and end cramps, loosen knots in muscles, and make muscle spasms a thing of the past. The Pure Wave CM7 is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and portable for use anywhere and anytime. If you need a daily massager, this is the one to get.

Dual Massaging Motors

The Pure Wave CM7 has built-in massage motors – one that performs percussion techniques and the other that provides vibration modes. The percussion modes are perfect for getting to deep tissue that needs attention. The vibration modes are soothing and help relax the body by focusing on the surface of the muscles.

Combining both styles in one massager is rare, making this massager work for everyone.

Whether your body needs those deep knots worked out or a relaxing touch to calm a weary body and stimulate blood flow, this massager can handle either need.

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Six Different Massage Sticks

One of the biggest issues with many massagers is that they are built with a one-tip can do it concept. The Pure Wave CM7 knows better and includes different tips for different needs.

  • Point Stick, for targeting specific points
  • Body Massage Oil Stick, a flat tip that helps massage in oils, lotions, or creams; ideal for moisturizing hard-to-reach places along the back
  • Six Head Stick, good for preventing sports injuries and speeding muscle recovery
  • Facial Massage Stick relieves face and jaw stress
  • Air Cushion Stick best on joints and tendons to relieve issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis or when you want a softer Swedish-style massage
  • Scalp Massage Stick, perfect for getting into your hair to massage the scalp and ease tension headaches

Cordless with Rechargeable Battery

The added benefit of being cordless gives this massager more ways it can be used. Cords get in the way and make reaching those tricky spots that need attention more difficult. Without struggling with the cord getting in the way or needing to find an outlet nearby, you can truly take this massager anywhere. Use it at the gym, on the beach, in hotel rooms, on a plane, in the car… the possibilities are endless.

While being cordless is great, it takes a strong battery to keep the massager going when needed. The Pure Wave CM7 comes with a powerful two-cell, 7.2 Volt lithium-ion battery, lasting up to three hours of continuous use on a single charge. The battery recharges swiftly, too, topping up in less than an hour with its fast charge design.

Lightweight, Easy to Hold Design

Using a massager that is too heavy or awkward to hold can tire out your hands and arms before you get the full benefit of the massage you need. The CM7 weighs 1.75 pounds, making it one of the lightest massagers of this class on the market. Keeping the massager’s weight down lengthens how long You can use it before tiring out your arms.

The ergonomic design also aids in being able to hold the massager for long periods without causing pain or discomfort.

Not only is the CM7 easy to hold, but it is designed so that it is held correctly, which keeps it from being able to cause new pain or discomfort to the hands or wrists because of using it.

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After Buying Services

If anything should fail or break during regular use, then the one-year warranty will allow for repair, part replacement, or complete replacement of the CM7 as needed. Of course, it goes without saying that if the user tried to make any modifications or broke it in a way you wouldn’t consider everyday use, then the warranty won’t be honored.

Each issue is looked at on a case-by-case basis, so how the warranty is applied depends on what happens to the massager. The consumer can replace some parts, some have to be replaced by a qualified technician, and others are just not economical so that you can return the whole unit.

Cons of the CM7

  • The battery is not replaceable. It is soldered into the massager and can only be replaced by the manufacturer if the battery stops holding a charge
  • Massager can’t be operated while attached to the cord, so if the battery is low then you have to wait for it to charge before using

Final Verdict

All the options of the Pure Wave CM7 Massager are an incredible value. The dual-motor system that provides percussion and vibration massage offers many uses that can meet anybody’s needs. Along with those different massage modes, the multiple tips help target precisely what you need to be massaged.

Considering the Pure Wave, CM7 has a powerful battery system and fast charging capability. It is lightweight enough for individual use over long periods means it is an excellent option for home massage use. The portability makes it perfect for people on the go or whenever you’re traveling for fun. The superb warranty means that it will be swiftly taken care of if anything goes wrong.

Without a doubt, the Pure Wave CM7 is well worth the investment.

Unless you explicitly need a massager that needs to be plugged into the wall, then this massager can handle whatever you need. This is a product that is an excellent addition to any home.

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