Medmassanger MMF06 11 Speed foot Massager Review

Your feet experience a lot of pressure as a result of walking and running. One of the best ways in which you can relax your feet is through foot massage. Not only does foot massage help in relaxation, but it also boosts blood circulation and alleviates swelling. Additionally, foot massage relieves body pain and promotes healthy feet, among other benefits. So now we talk about Medmassanger MMF06 11 Speed foot Massager Review.

The Medmassanger MMF06 11 Speed foot Massager Review

When it comes to foot massage, there are many foot massagers that you will come across. One of the best models that give you a relaxing foot massage is the Medmassanger MMF06. This is a powerful electric massager with a speed of 1,000-3700 rpm. Therapists and doctors recommend this machine because it works well. On top of that, the massager is recommended for patients with diabetes.

There are a lot of things that you will love about this machine. I have covered a full review of this foot massager so that you can know the features and benefits of the machine. This will help you make the right choice.

Foot Massager Construction

MMF06 is very powerful. This model has a rugged, durable construction. It is built with high-quality material, and it allows the client to tilt the massager and its front feet. MMF06 is the best massager that has an interesting design. This model has 11 speeds, and it can produce up to 1000rpm-to 3700rpm for maximum comfort and control. When using this model, one has an advert age because it is very powerful.


Your foot massager experience will be greatly influenced by design. F out massager has different construction, and it can offer more or less. They are two types of foot massager design that are used currently. They are open design; this is where the manufacturer relies on an open design for their product. It allows you to rest your feet comfortable on the massager deck, even if you don’t turn it on. They are usually lightweight, and they are portable so you can take them with you in the office or any place if you want to.

This model is silent, so they can’t interfere with the environment or activities or attract any unwanted attention when using them. They are very stable and keep your feet comfortable. The small number of the open designed model can reach and massage your heels; however, it requires low maintenance. Close design foot massager currently is popular in the market. Once you use it, you will be able to know why. They work on aches of your feet, soles, and sides. This foot massager will spread warmth across arches and sides of your feet. During each massage session, it combines more massage techniques. Even though they have a high maintenance, they are still easy to handle.

It is suitable for those people with difficulties with bending over and straightening because they can control it through remote. Most of this design are used to accommodate most users, but some of them might be too tight to be used comfortably by those with large feet.

Size and weight

Whether to use the unit or not will be determined by the size of the foot massager. They are designed to accommodate most users, but not everyone will use any unit they want. It has a limit on who to use it. Some models may accommodate those with size 14 feet, while others may accommodate people who have up to 10 feet. They are also a model that offers more space. Those who have small feet should avoid models that accommodate large feet. Some massage head or massage nodes can miss touching your feet. If your feet are small, the unit of weight is not that important in foot massage, but it may interfere with the unit’s portability and stability. Slightly heavier models can be more stable during a massage.


If the foot massager is portable, it will allow you to move the unit from one place to another. Most of the foot massagers are not portable, but some features may help you with that. The weight of the unit is the one that will make one know whether that unit is portable. Luckily most of the foot massager is lightweight so you can carry it comfortably. Some models like open design are easy to fit in a bag it is easy to carry them if you want to leave the house. Closed re not that small making them harder to be carried.


If you want to avoid damaging a foot massager, you should avoid standing while your feet are resting. If you want to experience a rougher massage push against the unit surface, but don’t push it harder because motors might fail. The design of a foot massager will define the stability of it. Open design is more stable than close design. They are other characteristics that may influence its stability are its feet.

Massage type

Every foot massager usually has a different feature that helps massage. The two-foot massager provides different massage experiences even though they look alike. It depends on the features they use. Oscillating massage it usually gives a great result by open design models. The air pressure massage is used by closed designed models to work inside of your feet.

Kneading massage this type of massage is very popular, and it is used by both open and close design massagers. Shiatsu massage this type of massage one will frequently encounter in foot massagers, and it can be performed by both close and open design. Lastly, we have heated massage; on this, not all models used it.


  • It is durable.
  • It makes someone to relax.
  • Its relief pains.
  • Warms your feet
  • Some models are lightweight.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • The foot massager is very powerful.


  • It is loud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will foot massager help with the circulation of blood?
A: The machine is powerful that it can stimulate the leg, the massager is designed to improve blood circulation

Q: Foot massager can it be used by pacemaker?
A: Generally, the foot massager can be used by somebody with the pacemaker

Q: Will this foot massager help with diabetic nerve pain?
A: The massager is specifically designed to improve blood circulation which may relieve some symptoms related to diabetes.


Do you suffer from foot pain? I think the best foot massager can be a good solution to your problem. Sometimes we think of buying good foot massagers, but we end on doubting on which foot massager is suitable for you. Are you asking yourself which foot massager will provide benefits and long services?

Many people have foot problems, they even surrender to the disease. Through development, their problem is solved. Many of us have no idea about the benefit of the foot massager. Through my review, the features of the product will help you to choose the best machine.

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