The Best Lift Chairs Reviews – Top 10 Reclining Power Lift Chairs

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide (J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2006). In America alone, 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain at one point in their lives (Carey and Freburger). It affects people of all ages, cutting across teenagers, young adults, and the elderly who are most affected.

This has a major effect on the ability of a person to shift from sleeping to a sitting or standing position. So it can be called a good Sleeper chair. If you have this problem, you need help from someone to help you stay upright. This is where the best lift chairs come in. With a remote control, you can use the chair to shift into any position you want.

More to this is that the chair offers comfort and relaxation to your body. When sleeping nights are unbearable, a lift chair comes in handy to relieve pain. Check out recommended best lift chairs in the reviews below.

Best Lift Chairs Comparisons Table:

Product NameSize Weight Color
Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner35″W x 40″D x 42.5″H121 poundsSaddle
BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair Soft and Warm32 x 37 x 41 inches89.3 poundsGray
Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner LC-200 338.5 x 34 x 41.5 inches130 poundsChocolate brown
Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner31 x 36.5 x 42 inches113 poundsDark brown
5600 Series Wall-a-Way Reclining Lift Chair69 x 38 x 45 inches195 poundsChocolate (multi)
Serta Perfect Lift Chair: The Winston 592 Perfect Lift Chair32 x 31 x 30 inches122 poundsMulti
Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair & Medical Recliner – DuraLux II20 x 21.5 x 20 inches125 poundsIndigo
Furniture of America Venturi Bella Fabric Recliner with Stand-Assist Power Lift System34 x 39 x 39 inches102 poundsCocoa brown
Coaster usual Brown Sugar Power Lift Recliner37 x 39 x 41 inches114 poundsBrown
Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Lay-Flat Lift Chair Zero Gravity Infinite Position Recliner36 x 30 x 44 inches165 poundsSaddle

Top 10 Best Lift Chairs – Reviews

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Having issues with back pain? Are you having trouble transitioning from a seated position to a standing position? Well, worry no more about this Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner is here to solve all these problems for you.

If you yearn for an amazing lounging experience, this great lift chair is the best for you. With a single push of a button, the chair has a powered lift that eases the chair into any position that you choose. Your legs also get raised, and this makes the experience on this seat even better.

The back is a sensitive part of the body, and You should not undermine comfort. This lift chair has been designed with leather material that ensures maximum comfort. The cushions are also thick, and the seat is reinforced with metal, improving the chair’s quality.

This chair has been made to ensure that you fit well. It has a large surface such that even plus-sized people can comfortably sit and enjoy the chair’s comfort. Once you purchase, do not worry about fixing the chair since it is easy to assemble and takes a few minutes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a tough leather material
  • It is durable
  • Ease of use
  • Has a strong frame
  • Includes armrests
  • Efficient lift
  • Accommodates people of different sizes


  • Children need to use it under supervision always
  • Doesn’t have a headrest

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2. BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair Soft and Warm

If you value products that are user-friendly and ensure comfort, then look no further for this BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair Soft, and Warm has you covered. The chair is designed to provide you will no waste time on it, but it is truly worth your time.

When you think of safety, think Bonzy. This is because this chair has a tilt mechanism that ensures the user doesn’t drop hard on the floor after the chairlifts. Once it lifts you and inclines to a standing position, it tilts a bit to help you step on the floor slowly and safely.

The material used to design this chair is soft for maximum comfort but tough, which ensures that the chair is durable. This material is easy to clean, so you will never worry about getting the chair dirty.

The frame used to make this chair is firm which ensures that the chair can hold a high weight capacity. This improves the operational capability of the chair’s efficiency. A pocket at the side of the chair helps you keep your personal and small belongings close, increasing the use and comfort of the chair.


  • Has a power lift
  • Thick padded headrest
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to control
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Armrests are padded
  • Has a side pocket
  • It is durable


  • The side pocket is one
  • The chair is heavy

3. Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner LC-200 3

When convenience is your number one priority in a lift chair, this is the chair to get. A lift chair has either one, two, or three power positions depending on the type, and this mega motion chair has three. These positions include sitting, standing, and reading, all for the user’s comfort.

This comfort recliner has a strong design that supports a heavy weight of up to 329 lbs. Most people can use the chair comfortably without worrying about breakage. The cushions on the chair have been zipped to ensure it is easy to change them when need be for replacement.

You can easily use this chair anytime you feel like it. Even when there is no power, the chair is still usable. This is because it is designed with a power backup battery. Once the power is gone, the battery acts as the power source.

The chair has legs made of steel for strength and also to ensure durability. They ensure that the chair can withstand the total body weight of the user at any given time. The legs are designed to provide better stability for the chair so they can be easily adjusted.


  • Adjustable legs
  • Has three lift positions
  • Ease of control
  • It is durable
  • Has a backup battery
  • It is convenient
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Has a large surface


  • It is not suitable for very tall people
  • Reclining positions adjust slowly

4. Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner

Luxury and comfort have never been best enjoyed with this amazing Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner. The chair has a lift made from steel to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support the user’s weight and is quite durable for long usage.

The armrests provide a comfortable feel for you and are padded to ensure your arms are on soft material. Handling this chair has always been challenging, with commands relying on the push of a button. The whole chair is user-friendly, making you feel safe and secure as you relax.

The size of the chair allows any regular-sized person to fit comfortably. It is easy to clean the chair in case you spill anything or anytime you feel like it since it is covered with brown leather that is easy to clean. This color also has an aesthetic appeal to the eye.

You can assemble this chair in very little time, and it is easy, also. The chair is designed to have the shape of your body for maximum comfort and relaxation. A side pocket sewn on the leather makes it easy to store small personal items you may need.


  • Easy-to-clean leather
  • Takes little time to assemble
  • It is user-friendly
  • Fairly priced
  • It is durable
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Very comfortable


  • Ideal for medium height people
  • Requires a manual to assemble

5. 5600 Series Wall-a-Way Reclining Lift Chair

Many lift chairs have a limited height accommodation for many people who use them, but this has been taken into consideration by this amazing 5600 Series Wall-a-Way Reclining Lift Chair.

This lift chair also has a wider frame, meaning the resting surface area is bigger and easily accommodates anyone. This includes even the plus-sized people in need of using the chair. It is strong and ensures that it can hold a high weight capacity of up to 375 lbs which is quite impressive.

It is specially designed such that it occupies less space. This is possible since the chair can be placed 3 feet from the wall and recline easily. This great feature ensures you can use the chair anywhere you feel like putting it in the house.

The reclining mechanism is designed to be easily adjustable to suit the user. With the push of a button, you can have the chair in any position you feel comfortable. Once you purchase it, there is a well-detailed manual to follow on how to fix it. Assembly takes little time, and it is easy.


  • Ideal for tall people
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast to assemble
  • Has a large surface
  • It is durable
  • It is appealing to the eye
  • Very comfortable


  • It is heavy
  • Doesn’t include a side pocket

6. Serta Perfect Lift Chair: The Winston 592 Perfect Lift Chair

Are you looking for a lift chair that will not disappoint? Are you ready to enjoy great comfort and maximum relaxation? Then it would help if you got this classic Serta Perfect Lift Chair: The Winston 592 Perfect Lift Chair. Enjoy a great lift and relaxation time with this chair all the time when you use it.

The foam used to make this chair is gel-infused to ensure that comfort is nothing less than the maximum. This feature also helps the body feel relaxed at all times. The spine is massaged as you relax on the chair, which keeps it healthy and strong. This offers general support all over the body.

As you relax, the chair has a suck-in feature which is very good for your body. This has a tremendous feeling for the rest of your body, relaxing you better and longer. Designed with tough but soft leather, this chair makes your relaxing experience one of a kind. This makes it easy for you to clean the chair when need be.

The chair allows you to relax in different positions. This feature increases comfort. The headrest on the chair is puffy to keep your head safe and protect your neck from straining too much.


  • Quality materials
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a high weight capacity
  • Operates quietly
  • Relieves pressure
  • Beautiful design


  • It is narrow
  • It feels firm when used for a long period

7. Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair & Medical Recliner – DuraLux II

This great chair has a unique type of comfort that is on its level. Whenever you feel that the bed is not comfortable enough and you need to relax on a deck that will amaze you, then this Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair & Medical Recliner – DuraLux II is the chair to have.

The armrests are wide to ensure that your hands are safely resting on the chair for comfort. This chair also allows several positions for relaxation; each position is just there to provide you with an amazing time.

If you have a problem getting up or staying upright for a long due to a medical or a back problem, then this lift chair has you covered. It allows you to sit up and shift from sleeping to sitting with ease and less effort. All you need to do is push a button and choose the recline position you enjoy best.

The chair is wide and long to ensure that it easily accommodates normal-sized people and is generally bigger. This offers convenience and comfort for the user. The chair is also ideal for people with cardiac problems and back and hip injuries. You can also check quality shoes for hip pain articles.


  • Has a heat feature
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ease of control
  • Allows various positions
  • Breathable material
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Heat regulation needs to be monitored
  • Does not have a smooth operation

8. Furniture of America Venturi Bella Fabric Recliner with Stand-Assist Power Lift System

This amazing lift chair will win your heart with its great features. All meant to provide you with an amazing relaxing experience. For those with a problem standing independently, this chair has the best assistance to put you on your feet safely and well.

The whole surface of the chair is padded to ensure that your entire body is on a soft material for increased comfort and pleasure. This smooth surface is also important in ensuring you are always relaxed. This feature also ensures safety, as no part of your body is at risk of straining.

The fabric used to make this chair provides warmth and comfort to ensure an amazing experience anytime you use this chair. The wide seat provides ample space for you to enjoy and relax. Comfort has never been better than when this chair is involved.

The chair has a nice design that gives your house an appealing look. A small pocket at the side of the chair is important to help you keep small personal items you can easily reach with your hands.


  • Enhanced pads
  • Sturdy frame
  • It is stable
  • the chair is comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is beautiful
  • Has storage features


  • Fabric can be torn by sharp objects
  • It is heavy

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9. Coaster usual Brown Sugar Power Lift Recliner

There are many lift chairs in the market, but none has been greatly and well modernized like this Coaster’s usual Brown Sugar Power Lift Recliner. It has been designed perfectly and with great elegance to match your needs.

The recliner has a lift powered to help you safely shift from a sleeping position to a sitting position. Enjoy maximum comfort and convenience with this chair all the time. The lift is designed to recline to more than one position, enabling you to enjoy great comfort and relaxation.

The frame of this chair is well-shaped to ensure that you fit well into the space provided for maximum comfort. The material used to make the chair is polyester which helps ensure the chair is durable and strong. It also allows you to wash any spills on the chair easily.

The armrests are puffed to ensure that your arms are raised and well-rested on the chair. The chair reclines at different degree levels, which increases the modes of relaxation fitted to the chair. It is easy to assemble this chair, and it takes little time to do so efficiently.


  • Shifts in various degree positions
  • It is long-lasting
  • Has a tough material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Operation is smooth
  • Has a beautiful color


  • Not easy to move
  • The side pouch fits small items only

10. Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Lay-Flat Lift Chair Zero-Gravity Infinite Position Recliner

When you think about great service that relaxes your body in more than one way, think of this great Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Lay-Flat Lift Chair Zero-Gravity Infinite Position Recliner. This unit work as a good massage chair.

This recliner is well designed to ensure that it does not only cater to helping you shift from a sleeping to a standing position but also massages your back and body in general. This is possible since the recliner chair has been fitted with air and heat massagers. This helps the body’s muscles relax and keeps you comfortable for longer.

The chair has another great feature, a head and footrest. The headrest helps prevent you from straining your neck muscles, and the footrest keeps your foot muscles from cramping up. This feature has also been enhanced as the foot and headrest can be adjusted separately to suit your best comfortable position.

Using this seat has always been challenging as the functions are controlled using a remote control. With a single push of a button, you get the chair to function as you desire. The massage options have been diversified in this chair into three types, making it more comfortable and relaxing to use.


Has a high-weight capacity

  • Ease of use
  • Improved massage
  • Easily adjusted
  • It is durable
  • Provides comfort in different angles
  • Fast to assemble
  • Has six positions that are pre-set


  • Remote works best when near the chair
  • It is bulky

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lift Chairs

Are you thinking of buying the best lift chair for relaxation and comfort? Please put in mind the following considerations before making the final decision.

Quality of the chair

The whole idea of a lift chair is to help you easily shift from sleeping to sitting or standing. This goes hand in hand with providing comfort and body relief. You need to check out the quality of the chair so that you can get one that performs these functions. To ensure you get a quality chair, buy from reputable brands like the ones I have covered in the above reviews.


You should also check the size of the chair to ensure you get the right one. In most cases, standard chairs can accommodate most people with standard body sizes. Some are specially made for plus-sized people. You can also get other sizes available in the market, depending on the size of your body that best suits your comfort.

Time of use

How long are you planning on using the chair? If you are purchasing the chair for uninterrupted daily usage, you need to consider a durable lift chair. This will provide you with great service and amazing experiences while using the chair.


Best lift chairs are designed from different materials. If you want a chair that will last for many years with uninterrupted service, choose one that is designed with extremely durable and tough material.

Ease of use

No one wants to purchase a lift chair that is hard to operate. If you want to get one that has great ease of use, first ensure that it has a working remote control. Before purchasing a lift chair, ensure the functions described are effective and fully working. You should test the parts to see how best they work. A good lift chair should quickly respond to commands using the remote.

FAQ for Best Lift Chairs

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is a recliner designed for elderly or disabled individuals, with a built-in motor that helps the user stand up and sit down.

How do lift chairs work?

Lift chairs have a motor that operates the lifting mechanism, allowing the user to stand up or sit down smoothly with minimal effort. The chair also reclines, providing a comfortable place to rest.

Who can benefit from a lift chair?

Lift chairs are ideal for elderly or disabled individuals with trouble standing up or sitting down from a traditional chair. They can also help people with mobility issues or limited strength.

What features should I look for in a lift chair?

Consider weight capacity, seat size, recline angle, lift height, and fabric options when choosing a lift chair. Also, look for additional features such as heat and massage, adjustable headrest and footrest, and remote control.

How much do lift chairs cost?

Lift chairs can range in price from around $500 to $1500 or more, depending on the features and quality of the chair.

How do I maintain my lift chair?

Regularly dust and clean the chair and keep it free of debris. Check the batteries in the remote control, and replace them as needed. Is the lift mechanism serviced by a professional if it makes unusual noises or doesn’t work properly?

Final Verdict

After going through the guide and reviews, you have some useful information about the importance of a lift chair. Not only are the chairs effective for your back, but they also provide comfort and relaxation and assist the elderly and those with back complications to stand upright safely.

There are very many lift chairs on the market today. Choosing the most suitable can be a difficult task. This is why we dedicate our time, resources, research, and testing to provide you with helpful information that will assist you when buying one.

Reading through the lift chair reviews above, selecting the right one will be easy. The detailed reviews cover top lift chairs on the market that give you the best service.

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