Belvie 601 60L Hiking Backpack Review

Finding good quality, everyday hiking & camping backpack begins and ends with this sweet, lightweight model perfect for hiking, camping, and light to moderate camping activities in fair weather. The Belvie 601 Hiking Backpack is one of the best camping backpacks for minimalist-style traveling light to hike and camp for a few days or travel by airplane, train, or bus.

Belvie 601 60L Hiking Backpack Review

Belvie 601 60L Hiking Backpack


  • The Belvie 601 Hiking Backpack has a water-resistant nylon shell supported by a semi-dense foam pad frame. Instead of an internal or hard frame, foam pad frames give minimal support but compensate with less pack weight.
  • Weighing right at three pounds, this lightweight, padded nylon frame backpack is durable, though not rugged, and leaves a wide margin for added weight.
  • This pack is a good fit for, let’s say, a young person to help carry the family sleeping bags or tent and pads that do not weigh much while adults bear the heavier equipment in their more rugged internal frame backpacks.
  • Nylon is lighter than cotton canvas and other materials used in making backpacks, but under stress from more than fifty pounds of pressure, inexpensive nylon packs like this will give way to tears. Once torn, they tend to unravel quickly. Be prepared in the field with basic backpacking survival staples like needles, thread and duct tape for spot repairs.
  • Basic black is always in good taste and style, plus it conceals dirt and stains!
Belvie 601 60L Hiking Backpack

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  • A padded hip, lumbar, and shoulder support system enhances the shape and weight distribution of the bag. Padding keeps the straps from digging into the skin and minimizes chaffing from the pack rubbing on it.
  • Adjustable waist straps let everyone choose the most comfortable fit for their body type.
  • Whether or not you empty your backpack at night, padded soft frame support doubles as a pillow headrest or neck support while sleeping.
  • This unisex design is a good fit for average heights, but petite or tall individuals may find it hard to get a comfortable fit without a bigger adjust-ability factor.


  • A zippered sleeping bag pocket with a generous opening on the bottom of the bag opens at the front of the pack.
  • Shoulder straps have dual D-rings to attach and hang frequently used items needed within easy reaches, like an external hydration pack.
  • Daisy chain loops down the front center to hold poles, paddles, shovels, or other tools.
  • Dual zippered side pockets hold water bottles, sunscreen, insect repellent, and lip balm.
  • Keep a flashlight, batteries, matches, and flint in one of the storage pockets
  • The Belvie 601 Hiking Backpack main compartment has a 60 liter capacity and top lid with drawstring closure.


  • A bigger sleeping bag compartment would enhance the balance of the packet load on the body in motion.
  • Internal frame support provides much better support for heavier loads, and a higher denier would make the construction more rigged, but packing light is sometimes preferred over a heavy load, so this one weakness is not much of a problem for basic camping activities.
  • This backpack is not waterproof and does not have a built-in rain fly, so be sure to bring waterproof bags in case it rains. It will soak up ground moisture if placed on a wet surface very long. Keep it in a rain sack or other waterproof material when it is not being worn.
  • There are no locks on any compartments.

Features That Make The Belvie 601 Hiking Backpack Stand Out

One of this camping backpack’s best features is weighing less than three pounds and being lightweight. The 60-liter compartment is expandable by 10 liters, and the padded frame support system allows comfort and flexible configurations to fit bulky and odd-shaped items. Plenty of compression straps keep everything in place during motion and keep empty compartments from flapping around in windy conditions. When compressed, empty compartments weigh less, so there are savings.

Belvie 601 60L Hiking Backpack


Dimensions:13.39 inches X 11.47 inches X 26.38 inches
Capacity:60 Liters / 3660 Cubic inches
Liquid volume60 Fluid ounces
Weight2.98 pounds

Winding Down

This bag is an essential camping backpack for short-term hiking and traveling light. It is a good choice for all ages and various body types under six feet two inches tall. What little it is adjustable does not fit as wide a range of body types as a fully-adjustable strap system. Still, You can compensate for most of its weaknesses with standard camping backpack supplies. Its lightweight, foam padded design makes it easy to squish into tight spaces like a kayak, but not being waterproof, definitely stow the Belvie 601 Hiking Backpack in a waterproof bag if you plan to take it anywhere water will be high risk.

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